Monday, April 14, 2008

What are cousins for?

Went down to C-bus this weekend for a meeting about birth, and we overnighted with Auntie M. and Uncle K.  Cousin R. is getting really big...

Quit growing, would ya, kid?!  Don't make me put a brick on your head.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Lovely flowers sent by my best friend I totally was snowed (well...both literally and figuratively over February and March!) when I thought I was going to be able to get here to post more often.  Work has been crazy over the past few months, and with all the changes going on here, I'm lucky to keep up most days.
Liam is back at the Waldorf school (long story), so I've been spending a bit more time in the car and hanging out at the school than I did last semester.  Many weeks I've been teaching 5-6 days, so hubby and I have been ships passing in the night...or the evening as it were.
We're trying to get settled in at the new house.  We have most of the boxes unpacked, and there's still a lot of purging left to do.  We have the downstairs mostly purged and fairly organized.  It's just the laundry, dishes, toys, and paperwork piling up that we have to get under control.

The upstairs, well, it needs a little work, shall we say.  I always feel more inspired and energetic once the sun starts lingering longer, so hopefully I can make some progress there soon.  With the weather finally breaking here for a week or so, the kids and I have been out in the front yard trying to get our 3/4 acre under control.  Wow...that's a lot of work!  We've managed to edge along the front bed, get the sticks into a few piles, pull a few weeds, and reassemble some of the outdoor toys.  Our back yard is pretty swampy still, so there hasn't been as much done back there as I would like.

Jonah makes like a cat and catches a nap

Hubby has been busily working on papers to submit for two conferences abroad.  One in Vancouver and one in Berlin.  So Roo and I will be making the trip to Berlin with him this year. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, so es wird gut sein. (I speak a little German, so it will be good)  Two international trips before the age of 2 for the baby.  Pretty lucky, that girl.  Too bad she won't remember a lick of it.  Good thing we have cameras!
I'm planning on uploading some pictures that I took of the snow, ic
e, and blizzard we had over the winter.  Just so we can be glad that it's spring!
And seriously...I need to get the rest of Rome uploaded before the 1 year anniversary of our trip gets here.  That doesn't leave much time!  Miss you all!