Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Look what I can do!

Little miss C has been doing this for the past few weeks all on her little lonesome, but I really felt like getting a picture of it today. Yes, I know, I still haven't posted my next series about our trip. If I haven't been working, I've been prepping for work. If I'm not prepping or working, I'm at the new house trying to get things done. If I'm not prepping, working, or working at the new house, I'm here at home trying to catch up on everything else that's being neglected. I'm feeling a bit disjointed at the moment on top of other highly emotional things going on that I'm not ready to talk about because I'm still feeling pretty raw. But seriously...I will get to talking about Italy soon if it kills me!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Last day of kindergarten

Hi...remember me? Really, swear I haven't forgotten about you all. I'm just in over my head with things to do at the moment. I'm teaching two to three days a week which requires prep time (and will be teaching more as the weeks wear on), working on the house or doing something house-related when I'm not teaching or prepping (and we still haven't actually packed anything to move yet), oh, and there are three children who are trying not to forget they have a momma. Friday is one month since we were arrived in Rome, and I'm so twitchy to tell you all the next part of the trip, because that's when it starts getting really good (and I'm loving looking at my pictures), but I need more than 10 minutes to put that together, and frankly with more than 10 extra minutes on my hands, I think more likely to pass out and sleep (that hasn't been exactly plentiful lately). Not that I don't love you all, 'cause I do. In BeeJ's the other day while shopping for bulk goods I happened into the TV section, because, well, someone says we need another TV for the new house, and I stood there mesmerized for a good 15 minutes because the sample snippet they kept playing to demonstrate how great S*ny hi-def was had film of the Naples area in it. I just about cried (seriously...I misted up!) I wanted to be there so badly.

So, to sort of whet your appetites for something new (though not Italy, it is sweet!) is my sweet on his last day of school:

Liam with Ms. O

His last hopscotch at the Waldorf school
Cutting up with his best bud

The fearless foursome (the girl is Liam's current future he says)

After a recital at school, Liam walked over the bridge for the last time and walked out as a first grader. The school has a huge picnic at a recreational park on the last day of school, and this was the last year it was to be held at this venue. Mother nature voiced her opinion by thundering and pouring on us all after we had a chance to play for a while, but I think a good time was still had by all. Such a bittersweet day!