Friday, July 21, 2006


Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 17th week of pregnancy. I'm starting to truly "blossom," which is a relief because now I actually look pregnant rather than looking like I have eaten too many Peanut Buster Parfaits or spend too much time in line at Ponderosa. Lately, this also has meant pulling out the maternity wear, as my normal tank tops are getting just a bit too snug around the belly for comfort. That, and they ride up worse than a plumber's pants fall down. Pooh might dig the bare belly look, but I'm not so keen on it.

I've written before about how much I enjoy being pregnant. This pregnancy has not been quite as pleasant early on due to more morning sickness than I had with my previous two (which really was much at all) and a couple of other issues that I won't bore you with the details about. This past week has made it all worth it, though, and I'm feeling a bit better to boot.

At some point between 14 and 20 weeks, most pregnant moms feel their babies move for the first time. This is called quickening. First time moms usually don't notice until later, while moms who have been around the block once or many times before tend to notice it a bit earlier. This past week, I finally started feeling the flutterings of the new little life that is growing within. Most moms liken the first movements to feeling like little gas bubbles which then grow over the course of weeks to being little thumps and pokes, and then toward the end of pregnancy barrel rolls and acrobatics along with the occasional foot under the ribs.

For me, quickening also helps in the whole "yes, I'm pregnant, not growing a large abdominal tumor" feeling that I get in early pregnancy and is a reminder that the process works. In a few more weeks, we will go in for the customary ultrasound that really isn't necessary but helps everyone else around me feel more comfortable with my choice to have this baby at home, knowing that the he or she is normal. Speaking of he or she, we also have the opportunity to find out that little gem of information, not that we really plan on telling anyone if we do find out. Sorry, mom. Gotta keep a little secret for myself. Actually, this time I'm not sure I want to know. I have two boys, so I'm hoping for a girl this time. Given the history in this family of boys, my chances for a girl aren't that great. There might be a bit of disappointment if it's not a girl if I find out early, but if I wait until the birth to find out, I won't care once that soft, sweet little thing is in my hands. Gotta say, though, I've got girl vibes going on. So much so that:

forgive my rolled hem...i'm only stockinette, you know

It's the dress with lace edging from Debbie Bliss Baby Knits (I think that's the book...). This is the back, and the front is on the needles at the moment. There will be lace edging to be attached to the front of the dress (though I'm going to have to figure out a more clever way to do it than knitting it up first and sewing it on. I'm sure there's a way to knit it on as I go), and there will be a button close at the back.

Obviously from my knitting, I have big hopes for a girl. I know enough pregnant or recently pregnant folks at the moment that one of us is certain to have a girl, so I know this dress will find a home.

On a completely unrelated note, my mother-in-law picked up the fabric today that will become the curtains and pillows in the front room. So excited!


Andi said...

My friend Renelle was just where you are now not long ago. She had her two boys and became pregnant for a 3rd time saying the very same thing. To very much their surprise it turned out to be a girl and she's a HAM! So there's hope for you yet. Either way a child is a blessing. I do not have any human children of my own. But I borrow hers from time to time and they are a hoot. Love the new fabric by the way Tres Chic!

Karla said...

Congratulations, Andrea! I'm always so excited to hear about the appearance of a new life on this earth. Every baby brings such a feeling of HOPE to the world again. And how awesome that you want to have the birth at home! I have read about that, and realize all the unnecessary medical interventions that go on in childbirth (though I also acknowledge that in some cases intervention is most necessary!) With the advancement of medicine, our world has forgotten that giving birth at home has been a NORMAL thing to do since the beginning of time! I get this magazine titled "Above Rubies" and subscribe to the Yahoo Group and there are a lot of home-birthing mothers sharing their experiences there. Also so much knowledge about what really is necessary medically and what isn't (you mentioned the ultrasound).

Anyway, won't get off into that, but I was just so elated to hear about your pregnancy and how you are enjoying it. I enjoyed my first two also. Then my 3rd one had me reconsidering. Morning sickness! My 1st two were girls. My last one a boy. So perhaps with your first two being boys and smooth pregnancies, maybe this 3rd one is telling your body "Whoa! A 'different' one in here now! Oh my it's a girl! Bring on that morning sickness! Don't make it easy for her!" I hope your dream is realized when you give birth. There's just nothing like a little girl and a daughter. :) Congratulations.