Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An impromptu playdate

My friend A. stopped by the other day to pick up some diaper covers and she had her son B. with her. B. is a week older than Corinna but quite a bit bigger (16 lbs versus Roo's 14 1/2 lbs). The two were a treat to watch because now they actually can interact with each other. Corinna would just grin when she'd look at B.

B.: Mmm...tasty tractor. Corinna: Yeah, well this makes noise.

Corinna to B: Wow! That is cool! Can I have that? I have brothers and they taught me how to share. Promise I'll give it back.

Corinna: Well...tractors are cool, but taxis are even better. B.: Hey...this thing does make noise.


Andi said...

Cute.. she's growing so fast she's already dating.. :)

The Booth's said...

Sigh... Look at how little they were. Beckett is 2 today. They were so sweet weren't they?

Bunnie said... aren't kidding! They sure were little! Happy Birthday Beckett!