Sunday, November 04, 2007

back from the Knoll

Ok...had a post all started about how great this weekend was and how fantastic the venue was and how much work we have to do as an organization to get the word out that what is going on in maternity care is bunk...but blogger ate it. And I'm too tired to rewrite tonight. But I will post a few pictures of where we were and my favorite girl.

Got a picture of my co-leader and her son B. Didn't get a picture of the other co-leader we traveled with and her son on their own, but we did really enjoy having all of us in the car traveling together. Anyway...much fun was had...much networking done...and much learned that we need to/could do.

Our leadership retreat was at a nature center, and we had a spectacular view of a lake on two sides of our cabin/cottage/whatever the heck you want to call it.

Here's what we're gonna bring to town: The Business of Being Born. Lots to be done. So I better get to sleeping.

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Andi said...

She's getting so big. I've been behind the blog 8 ball. So many cute pics.