Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dressers for all! some pictures of the goodies I got last weekend.  I'll split it up into multiple posts, since it would make an enormous post to do it all at once.

First, everyone has a new chest of drawers.  Our closet is really not a closet at all but a set of stairs that gives access to the attic (at the top of which is a door lying on ceiling...trippy!).  There is a hanging bar that goes across just inside the door at the bottom, but it's really not much hanging space, so we needed more drawer space.  I really want a wardrobe, and I found a beautiful antique one, but I'm not sure I want to send the money on it when it needs to have the hanging bar made lengthwise instead of widthwise.  But, man, it was a neat piece.  The only place I've been able to find wardrobes is at IKEA, but they are all very modern in style and would clash with our dressers...not to mention the fact that I don't want another particle board piece of furniture.

The boys were sharing a dresser, but between school clothes, socks, undies, jammies, and play clothes, the drawers were running over.  So now each boy has a dresser.

The baby had a dresser in her room, but it was a changing table/dresser combo, and two of the four drawers would fall out when you pull them out to put clothes in them.  She's outgrown the changing table portion of it, so she really needed a dresser with more space, and I was tired of catching the drawers each time I put clothes away.  I've gone through and cleaned out her room for the most part, and all of my craft stuff is now in bins or on shelves.  I used my labelmaker and labeled all the bins (except the big ones), so I know what's in them (even though they are clear...I still need the extra prompt).  The only things left to do in her room are to hang the shelf that our Boyd's bears collection will rest on, clean the diaper stuff out of her closet and store her other cloth diaper stuff in the attic (in the chaos that has been our life lately, I haven't kept up with cloth diapering like I had intended to, and I'm hoping she'll potty train soon), and get her a ceiling fan.  Currently there is one single can light, and given the location of her room, she really needs a fan, as her room is on the southeast corner of the house and gets plenty of sun.

The bears on her dresser are tea-dyed bears that came from a garage sale of one of my MIL's friends.  They have such personality!  The lamp is another vintage hurricane lamp that I found at the secondhand store.  Both top and bottom light up, and I love the flower detail on the body of the lamp.

I also found a day bed for Roo's room at the second hand store that has a trundle underneath that expands to be about the same height as the daybed for when guests come.  My grandma on my dad's side is a wonderful portrait artist, and she did a painting of a couple of girls dressed as princesses blowing bubbles, and I've always loved this painting.  My mom let me have it not long before we moved, and I've been wanting to hang it in her room since.  It really needs to be framed, but I couldn't wait any longer to put it up.

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