Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you resurrect the dead (blog)?

Ok...ok...I's been 4 months.  Go easy on me.  So what has been going on in those past 4 months?  Well, a lot of work....and plenty of other stuff, too.  But it would take days and days and days to get it all down on paper (or in electronic format, no matter how fast I may type).  Suffice it to say that I've been catching myself coming and going a fair bit of the time.  Even now...I have the possibility of going to 3 births in the next week and a half.  That's a lot!!

So I guess I'll recap big things....children are growing.  Well.  I measured Liam's foot and hand against my own last night, and his thumb is really not much smaller than mine.  His toes reach the bottoms of my toes....and I wear a size 10 women's shoe.  So the kid's got a solid foundation to work from.  Jonah's build reminds me of my own...and my father's.  All limbs with a shorter torso.  He may not be as tall as a result, but the boy is definitely wiry.  And little miss C is just ablaze with vocabulary and is venturing into the land of potty learning.  I won't call it training, because you know who's really getting the training around here...and it isn't her.

The house is coming along.  It still doesn't feel finished, but I've decided that it never will.  I need to start a list of projects for each room so I can start to tick them off one by one.  The outside is getting the most attention at the moment with some serious relandscaping going on.  I've gone through 17 yards of mulch....and I'm not done yet.  The compost pile is growing at such a rate that I don't think I'll be able to turn it all, but the plus is that there's plenty of stuff to burn at bonfires over the summer.

My great-grandmother passed a couple of weeks ago at the age of 92 (and I was there, which was an experience in and of itself), and the day of her funeral, I left to go to a midwifery skills workshop, where I got plenty of hands on...but also managed to leave my camera.  Which sucks, but I've got a blackberry now, so I can at least get a few pictures here and there for you until the Pentax returns to my hot little hands.

The boys have 2 weeks of school left (6 days for Jonah, 10 for quickly it goes!) and will be on break.  I will be glad for the break, but also sad, as this is likely their last year at the Waldorf school.  Finances and lack of family life just won't allow us to be able to keep sending them.

I seem to spend more time on Facebook and Twitter these days...but I'm trying to wean myself back away from that so I have more time to write here and journal what's happening in our daily lives.  You know how that goes.  I'm better off to say I'll see ya when I see ya.

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Mama Booth said...

Please do! Resurrect the old blog. I love seeing the baby bunnies. :) OH, and I would love to read your baby catching bunny blog.