Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finally...some progress!!

I'm finally starting to come out of the first trimester funk and feeling like I'm able to get some things accomplished. Knitting is still not quite there on the list yet, but if I can keep working on the other things I've going going on the front burners, it will be ready to come off the back burner very soon.

This weekend was very busy in terms of getting things done. Got the garden tilled, planted, and put up the fence to keep the dog out on Friday. Even jumped in the pool next door for about 20 minutes. The kids, on the other hand, spent quite a fair bit longer in the pool. Liam's getting brave and has tried underwater swimming with a mask (a huge leap of faith for him!), while Jonah was ready to go skinny dipping after only a short time in the pool. Clothing has become optional in his mind this past week. It's been a struggle to keep him dressed.

Hopefully by the end of summer we'll have broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peppers (2 kinds), cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes (3 kinds), watermelon, celery, and plenty of fresh herbs.

Saturday, Liam and I went and picked up a pre-cut swing-and-slide kit from the Home Despot. Supposedly, this was supposed to be an easy assemble. Three to 6 hours of assembly by 2 adults it says on the box in a big star. More like 3 to 6 days. By the end of the first day, we only managed to get the tower assembled. Two days later, we have it mostly finished. There are only a couple more things that need added, like the two-person swing and periscope. Oh...and the monkey bar kit. The monkey bars will not be happening for quite a while yet. This will require a weekend where the children can vacate the premesis for parent sanity.

Both the boys have enjoyed the swingset so far, as has the neighbor girl who came to play today. If I can ever get the rest of the house in order, I'll finally feel good about having some of Liam's friends over for play dates knowing they'll have plenty to keep them occupied with. The slide is wicked fast, as per my personal experience (gotta make sure these things are safe, ya know?), so I can see the kids really having a good time with the whole set.

Father's day ended up being a working holiday for poor Cliff, as he was stuck helping me assemble the swingset, but we made up for it yesterday with full homemade breakfast of waffles, eggs, and bacon, a fairly lazy day (we only hung the hand grips for the rock wall and the pirate's ladder) with an afternoon nap, and we grilled out on his new grill that I snuck out to get at 10 pm (closing time for Lowe's...sneaky I am...) the day before Father's Day. Today we celebrated 8 years of blissful marriage (Is that all? he asks).

Although med school has been put on hiatus for a couple of years, I got my much anticipated MCAT scores today. I did far better than I thought I could, given my practice scores on the Kaplan exams. I was so excited that I screamed when I saw them and scared poor Liam who was standing right next to me. The scores are good enough to get me into any of the medical schools I was looking to apply to, so all I need now are my letters of recommendation...well...and a couple years to let the littlest bean grow up a bit. I'm all about playing things by ear, but at least now I know I have options.

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Kat said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The MCATs are so far from my realm of reality right now - I'm so thrilled for you!

Welcome back to the land of the living. Nothing like crossing over that first trimester mark. Love reading the blog.