Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A trip in my UFOs

Like many knitters, I commit project polygamy, which in turn often means that there are a few unfinished items gathering dust (fuzz, pet hair, you name it) lying about. Some are in my knitting bag, some were in various baskets, some in bins, and some in the cedar chest. This weekend, in the process of the Great Stash Reorganization, I went through and distributed these to two bags. One for frogging and repurposing and another for finishing. So what has the Bunnie been working on for the past, oh, say 5 years or so? I keep hoping that actually putting this stuff into cyberspace will somehow give me the motivation to actually stick with the plans to either rip or finish. I'd go in chronological order as to when I started these, but I can't remember exactly when, and some were cast on almost at the same time!

Starting with Fuzzy Feet, started when Crazy Aunt Purl had some going...only I ran out of yarn to complete the knitting and couldn't find more in the same color. To be frogged.
Mama Halter from Little Turtle Knits. I decided I didn't like this in the variegated cotton, so it's to be frogged.
Baby blanket from Debbie Bliss pattern. Done up in acrylic, I hated the way it felt. I will redo this one in cotton probably...or washable wool. This was actually relegated to the circular receptacle. Not worth frogging.
Ribby wrap from LTK. Enjoyed knitting the pattern but I ran out of steam when it came to the finishing, and I didn't like how it turned out. Love the handpainted yarn I got from her, so this will be frogged and repurposed into something else.
LTK soaker. Loved knitting it but I made a mistake and didn't do the short row shaping, so it wouldn't fit anyone's fanny. I might redo and this one properly.
Checkerboard intarsia purse from a Bernat pattern. Can you just say ridiculous number of ends to weave in? I lost steam when I realized I was going to have to do all that weaving in of ends. Blech. That and I could never keep track of what row I was on because of the texture of the yarn.
Cardigan from Debbie Bliss pattern that I reworked the gauge to use alpaca yarn. Love the yarn (except for the pilling and that it breaks when you try to sew with it...but soooo soft and sooo warm). Just needs me to finish the hood and sew in zipper. Oh, how I hate finishing. Can you tell?
Sophie bag in Manos del Uruguay that I realized partway through that I didn't have enough yarn to complete. Which sucks...because I love the yarn and the pattern. I really want to do something with this Manos, but I don't think I have enough to do much more than a hat or scarf.
Vegan fox from Knitty. For a friend. I made one in red, but I never found a home for it, and I think it scared people. I may just frog and redo as a plain scarf.
Butterfly purse from Debbie Bliss pattern. I made a few of these as Christmas gifts, but they really need a lining and zipper, and I'm not so good with that finishing thing. I used the bottom of this purse to practice some embroidery stuff for a hat that I did, and that needs to be taken out before I can seam this one. I do think I'd like to finish it...and do a zipper in it. Really, what I need to do is pay someone to do the finishing that I don't enjoy.We'll see how long these hang out in the unfinished and TBF (to be frogged) bags. Tune in later!

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