Thursday, August 31, 2006

Where is my Chocolate Caramel Sundae?

One of our kitties has gone MIA. She disappeared a few days ago and hasn't been seen since. She was a stray that found her way into our hearts not long after we moved here 8 long years ago, and with her coloring, hubby christened her Chocolate Caramel Sundae (Just Sundae for short). She had been an inside cat after we took her in, but this summer, she made her mind up that she was ready for some outside exploration. Every chance she'd get, she would hide by the doors, and the minute any of us (particularly the boys) would open the screen door to go outside, she was off like a shot. Usually she hung out right in our neighborhood, and if any of us were outside, she was sure to be wherever we were at. She also had me convinced that she was suffering from delusions that she was a canine. She made friends with every dog that walks this block regularly, greeting them nose to nose and rubbing her body on them as if to mark them as her territory. Most of the dogs didn't know what to think. It's amazing that she didn't disappear sooner as a very furry dog treat.

Her typical lounging spots were under the neighbors' cars or in our driveway or under the butterfly bushes in the neighbor's landscaping. She was always spunky and for someone so light in weight, when she stood on my lap, it felt like she had little peg legs.

I've done the neighborhood drive by and haven't seen any sign of her and checked the local animal shelter with no luck. Our next move is likely an ad in the paper and some LOST posters. My guess to this point is that she followed someone home who was walking the block, and they assumed she had no owner (we had removed her collar earlier in the day to put her flea meds on and didn't get the chance to put it back on before she escaped). She is super duper friendly, and I'm sure she won someone's heart. I just wish she'd left a note.


Sourire11 said...

Oh no! I hope you find her soon!

Andi said...

Pretty kitty! I pray for her return.