Thursday, August 24, 2006

A womb with a view: bandwidth-sucking photos ahead!

As my profile will tell you, I'm a little bit of a birth nut, and I really enjoy the whole process of being pregnant. Now that I'm halfway there with this baby, I've gone through that little ritual that has become routine (I'll not bore you with how I really feel about routine ultrasound, but I digress) for the happiness of my hubby and to help everyone around feel more comfortable with our choice to have another homebirth.

Hubby loves the ultrasound because he doesn't really get to enjoy all of the daily rollicking, furniture rearranging, and general gymnastics that babies do in-utero. It helps him to get started on that bonding process, and I must say that he is well bonded with our children. In addition, he enjoys finding out what the sex of the baby is, thus to better start prodding me with unusual permutations on bizarre or ethnic names. (Magnus has been his strong male name since we conceived our first. My mantra in reply has been, "we're not naming this kid Magnus, and besides we're not even Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, whatever background the name comes from, nor will our child likely ever be a Strongman." Ultramarathoner perhaps or even Lance Armstrong wannabe, but no Magnus Samuelsson, I'm afraid. Turns out Great Grandma was straight off the boat from Sweden. Good thing this is a girl this time. Yup...a girl!!)

After several failed attempts due to my boneheadedness, tardiness, and the general lack of communication between physician's offices, we finally had our ultrasound last week. I treat you now to a few pictures of our lovely fetus, who has yet to be nicknamed.


Baby gives her best Miss America wave

In addition, here's a picture of me growing nicely. Forgive the smudgy mirror and the disaster that is the kids' playroom.

I've been dubbed Queen of Roundness. Yeah, I got curves.

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Andi said...

Oy vey! Naming a child is difficult. There is this guy I work with. His name is Ron Moore. On the company register (for meetings etc) the last name comes first then the first name... I think you get my drift... so always weight all of your options before naming this precious child. Hail to the Queen!!