Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Day of School!

Jonah started school first and was rarin' to go. He just hopped right into the meadow like he had been going there for years. The days following the first day weren't nearly as smooth. "They keep me away from my mommy for too long." As time is progressing, he seems to be doing better. He hums the songs they learn on the way home from school, and this makes me happy. And really, he's not as serious as his pictures make him look. I just can't seem to catch him when he's smiling. Something about my slowing him down to take pictures seems to get on his nerve. Who knew?

Liam was so excited for his first day and first ride on the big yellow bus that he was out waiting for it a half hour before he needed to be. He seems to be fitting right on in and has already made some new friends.

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