Sunday, September 02, 2007


For Liam's birthday, he requested a skateboard, and Grandma C. delivered. Of course, I couldn't get Liam one and not get the other daredevil one too. I could just see the fighting if I didn't get Jonah a skateboard. After all...he does all his own stunts. (gotta get a pic of him in that T-shirt).

Mean mommy that I am, I made them wear pads and helmets too.

"When do I get my skateboard?" When you stop eating grass, I think.

Both boys are also playing soccer this year, but I've only got pics of Jonah at the moment. Because they both play on the same morning within an hour of each other, I haven't been able to get to Liam's practices yet. Pics of that upcoming.

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alphaleonis said...

there's my gracie, can't wait to meet her!!!! Aun-tay-tay.