Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple pickin'

I have fond memories of going to the apple orchard on school field trips as a child, but I haven't been since I was younger. Liam had the chance to go with the Waldorf school when he was there, and he loved it, but we never got to go with him. So this year when friends asked if we wanted to go and take the kids, I jumped on the opportunity.

The weather here has been spectacular (there are those who don't enjoy 80 degree temps in October, but I don't happen to be one of them) with lots of sunshine (though the bottom is dropping out of all that today with rain and temps in the 50s). Sunday was the perfect day to take advantage, so we packed up all the children (three of ours and their five girls), and headed to the orchard for some pickin'.

The children all tasted an apple or two to make sure they were the kind we wanted. We picked Winesap, Yellow Delicious, and Melrose. I like firm apples, so we tried to steer toward those. We also bought a bag of Rome and a jug of cider.

We climbed a couple trees, since many of the apples were out of reach. Once Liam got into the trees, it was hard to convince him to stay out of them. Not only did he climb, but he insisted on doing it barefoot.

A good time was had by all, and yesterday we took some of these beautiful apples and made applesauce to freeze. Yum!

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