Saturday, October 27, 2007

Movin' it indoors

So today was the first day of indoor soccer. Indoor soccer is definitely a much faster game than outdoor soccer. The fields for the boys are similarly split where they take a full field and divide it into two smaller ones with the goals where the sidelines normally would be. Liam had a grand time, once he got away from socializing with the goalie.

Liam hanging out telling his favorite jokes to the goalie, while the goalie's dad (who was in the stands) has a conniption because his son isn't "on it"

So far I'm learning that there's a lot of biting your tongue when you're the mama of a sports playing child. The dad of the kid who was in the goal in the above picture is a real type A. He spends most of the game yelling at his kid about where he needs to be and what he needs to be doing, despite the fact that his kid is doing just fine without the feedback, as the coach is giving guidance. Part of the idea of the game is that the kids go out there and have fun, no pressure. They aren't even supposed to be keeping score, as evidence shows that with all the pressure and yelling and score-keeping that most of these kids won't want to play soccer anymore by the the time they're old enough to be in high school, because the pressure is just too much. I don't want that for Liam. Before and after each game, I make sure I tell him I don't care if he scores, it doesn't matter if they win or lose or if he makes mistakes, I just want him to go out there and have a good time and play hard. I also tell him that other parents yell and that I'm not going to do that, but that it doesn't mean I don't support him.

The fella in the foreground of the picture above was really something. His shirt had organic chemistry all over it, which I thought was pretty interesting and cool....then I saw the rest and it was something about how God created the world and then there was beer. Kinda lost something after that. He was really dancing in Clinton and Stacey's "what not to wear" territory.

So the really exciting part about today was that I played my first game of indoor soccer. Yup. Me. Out on the field. Running around. A lot.

I had a great time. There are 4 women's teams this session (up from 2 last), and the women's league has only been in existence since last January. When they started, only 3 women actually had any previous soccer experience, so it has been a learning process for everyone. Which works great for me, as I have zero soccer experience and very, very little organized sports experience. I played a little ultimate frisbee with my former roommate while at IU and I did the two years of Little 500, but other than that, no team sports.

All the gals there this morning were super nice and very welcoming. One of the ladies is a neighbor down the street, and we played against a team that the neighbor next door to the IL's is on. And she is really good. Everyone was really great about the fact that I had NO clue where I was supposed to be at any particular time and that five times out of six that I tried to kick the ball, I missed. I did make a couple of good stops, and I did try my hardest, so I think that's all positive.

Because of the nature of indoor, there is not much in the way of stopping the clock, so I spent most of the time out on the field going full throttle, which my body is really NOT used to. I'm a little (Ok, a lot) out of shape, despite the fact that I'm back down to my prepregnancy weight. It was very windy. As in I was sucking a lot of it, but I'm sure that will get better with time. Gotta get into a regular exercise program, that's for sure. I sprained my left ankle last weekend when I stepped backward into a hole after peeking in the dining room doors to look at the floors, but the ankle didn't seem to bother me too much today. I did, however, need a big nap this evening.

So I had a good time and met some new friends and got some exercise and will likely be sore for the next 3 days, but it was all good. I forbade anyone from taking any pictures or coming to watch me for this game, so there is no evidence that this event even took place, but I needed that so I could get my bearings and get over some of the anxiety of playing with the big girls. I told them that maybe next week they could come watch. Which will be convenient, as I'll be in Michigan for a leadership retreat.

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