Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beds are for jumping...but where do you sleep?

The boys have been working on some interesting places to sleep lately. Particularly our little J-man. When we were staying with Cliff's folks, the boys had taken to sleeping under the desk, next to the sewing table, or in the closet of the room they were in. Anywhere but actually on the air mattress or in the bed.

We have two beds for the boys here at the new place. Liam has his old loft bed and Jonah has a regular twin. The beds have been placed on opposite ends of the room so as to discourage bedtime hijinx (not that it works...but you know making effort and all). So under Liam's loft has become the fort and with all the stuff in their room at the moment (bins and things), they've really made some tight quarters. One night I came in and found Jonah sleeping in the middle of the floor on the foam mats under nothing but a flannel sheet. Another night he was under Liam's bed sleeping on the box my wedding gown is stored in.

Today he's been asking to sleep under the kitchen table. When I said that maybe on a night where he doesn't have to go to school the next day, he seemed to concede. So this afternoon I took the baby up for a nap. I may have dozed for a minute or two but I woke to the phone ringing. I came down to answer, and while flipping through the menu to look at the missed calls, I couldn't help but hear heavy, even breathing. I looked in the fireplace room -- nothing. I looked in the family room -- nothing. I came back to the kitchen and it got louder. Under the table, on the hardwood floor with nothing but a flannel sheet and his pillow, snoozed Jonah.

I didn't catch it on film before he woke up (the phone rang a third time and I actually got it...). Our new schedule of getting up and driving to school every morning (more stuff for another post) and getting used to being in the new house is wearing our little man out. Just the other day I caught this:

Just a few minutes previous to this picture, he was humming jingle bells to himself and pushing the trucks on the table. Maybe we all need a little more afternoon napping.

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