Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Now that we're in the new house, I'm still getting adjusted to the feel of the place. The kitchen is definitely the heart of this home. When you walk in the front door, it's directly ahead, welcoming you in. I've felt the need to be cooking and baking more now that we have appliances, which means there may also be inviting smells to bring you in too.

Our kitchen and dining area face the back of the house and our lovely back yard. Just before we first moved in, I was moving things around and glanced out the dining room window. Four deer moved in quick procession along the side yard and through the back yard off into the neighbors trees. Since moving in, there has been a repeat performance in the opposite direction of five deer. I love that I can look out the window and I just might see some wildlife right outside. We also have many of the birds typical to this area. It seems there are more chickadees here than the cheeky little house sparrows that I'd grown to love at our old place.

The view out our kitchen window

The snow has proved to be very interesting in all of this. Something of the four-legged variety with paws (seems bigger than a cat), makes a daily trudge through our yard, always following the same path right up near the dining room door and around the deck. I keep hoping I'll catch a glimpse but no luck yet. The only way I know that it's been through are the fresh tracks in the snow. It doesn't take long for fresh, pristine powder in our back yard to become riddled with tracks and paths made by little creatures. A bunny left little paw prints in the snow on our front porch last weekend and before the snow started melting yesterday, there were tracks going along the back trees, through the yard, and along the fence. I know for certain that they all belonged to quadrupeds and not my little bipeds, as their activity has been restricted to shoveling the snow in the front of the house.

What are you sneaky little thing?

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