Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cute overload

Getting ready to leave to teach, so gonna have to be short. Went to the thrift store last week and got a few things for the girl. Little corduroy jumper dresses and a pair of pink leather mary janes that were just the right size. One of the jumpers matched a tee that I'd gotten the last time I thrifted for her. She's got 4 teeth through now, and it seems she may have my gap between the front two ( I had when I was little anyway. I'll have to dig up the pic.)

Been playing with the new camera some too. So here are some cute pics to brighten your day. Well...they did mine, anyway. Have other things to post about but not enough time to do it. Go figure.

1 comment:

Andi said...

Wow, has she grown. What a cutie!