Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another one bites the dust

In my post MCAT fog, I had to find time and brain cells to soak up three chapters worth of organic chemistry. Needless to say, it didn't work so well, and I didn't do well on my test yesterday. After crying in the car on my way home and again once I got home, I decided I needed fiber therapy. So I grabbed my new (well...new to me anyway) Rowan #37 and headed off to the LYS for some SEX (stash enhancement mom...well...and yarn p0rn). I wanted Rowan yarns to use, but since my LYS doesn't carry them, and I needed new fiber in a hurry, I found another mohair yarn that will work equally well, and I loved the colorway. So I picked it up and got a steal of a deal on it. The colors are very pastel with purples, blues, and pinks.

As soon as I got it home, I swatched. The pattern for Butterfly is really pretty easy for lace. I found the perfect beads for it today.

So here are a few things I would like to make:



Umm...can't remember the name...

Oh...so many things I'd like to knit...and nothing in the stash to knit them! In addition to this are CeCe from ChicKnits, the Somewhat Cowl, and Tempting from Knitty. I have a lot of worsted weight stuff with one or two skeins but not much in the light worsted or double knitting weights, which it seems so many of the Rowan patterns call for. I see lots of SEX in my future, although not at JoAnn's. I was hoping to make some of these things with cheap yarn so I could throw it in the wash and abuse it and wear it out...but JoAnn's has turned into Novelty Yarn Hell. This is the place they send knitters to who have been very, very bad. Can't think of anything off the top of my head that could be that bad (except maybe knitting the Freedom Poncho), but good grief. They now have some yarns that have a decent fiber content (like real wool, some merino even...and a wool/cotton blend), but none of them are in a gauge that anyone knits with (like a very light sport weight but not fingering weight or weird stitch row combinations), or they're in a super bulky gauge. Hasn't anyone told them that sweaters made out of bulky gauge yarns make you look like you ate a seal. In one bite. A furry one at that. Needless to say, I vented my frustration on the poor girl working there who knew what yarn was but wasn't sure what to do with it.

Guess this means I may be doing some Ebay diving or online shopping.

The other thing I need to do is some serious spring cleaning of the stash and equipment. Can't find needles and things because they're all over the house in various places, and the yarn stash is becoming a tangled mess. I may need to employ the Fluffa! method of stash control. No new yarn purchases until the project on the needles is being seamed. You know what that means? Project monogamy. That's a huge commitment for me. Not so sure I'm ready for that.

I also picked up larger jump rings and made a couple of stitch markers tonight. Nothing too exciting or special, but this is addictive....and a good excuse to dive into my bead stash. Yes...another stash that I have. I seem to be accumulating a lot of craft stash lately, from Waldorf things to yarn to beads. This summer is looking like a craft bonanza! Woot! Two weeks from Thursday I will be D.O.N.E.

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