Saturday, April 22, 2006

So spent that I can't afford to pay attention

The MCAT is finally over. Finally. Over. If I never see another physics or general chemistry passage before I die, I'll be happy. Now comes the wait. Eight weeks or so to be imprecise. Why it takes so long is beyond me. I did the hard work of filling in the bubbles and guessing. All they should have to do is feed the sheets through their 'puter and let it spit out my results. Lick a stamp, in the mail, done. Instead, I paid a ridiculous sum of money to sit and fill out bubbles while doing arithmetic in my head and flat out closing my eyes and randomly picking any answer, while watching my two proctors make goo-goo eyes at each other (which was beyond me, as they really did not seem like a good match. It was like the guy with the stapler in Office Space hooking up with Jennifer Aniston, though this girl wasn't that cute), and now I will have to wait until June and wonder whether or not I'll have to repeat this hell in August. At least I had knitting with me...and the needles were plastic, else I might have committed hiri-kiri about halfway through the physical sciences section. I felt better after it was over and I had lunched on Chinese buffet. Mmmm. Chinese Donuts.

I think I rocked at least the first part of the writing section. Almost made me feel like the kid in the Christmas Story when he writes his essay about the Red Rider BB gun and in his imagination his teacher reads it out loud and then draws big fat A+++++ across the board while the rest of the kids cheer. I almost stood up and took a bow. Second part of the writing section sucked, but it was a politics prompt, and well...politics and I, we don't get along. Biological sciences was tough. Hard to say how I really did on that.

More on politics later. Ok, now. I met Sherrod Brown yesterday and told him our sob story about how the plan at Pocket Protectors 'R' Us is still to lay off several hundred workers by next May, one of the first possibly being my non-seniority hubby who works his arse off 10 times as hard as some of the other blokes in the office who make watching paint drying look like busy work. The congressman came to our school to chat with the university's Dems group, and I'm just a nosey kind of gal, so I went to check it out. It was actually a really intimate gathering. I'd pictured a room filled with hundreds of people where you basically get to sit and listen but never really get your questions answered, but there were maybe 30 or so people there. It was pretty nifty actually getting to ask questions and make comments and get response and feedback. If all politics were like this, I don't think I'd mind so much. It's not, so I do, but that's another story. The fella actually had things to say that I liked to hear, so that was good. He was quite sympathetic to what I had to say and wrote down the details. Not sure what he'll do with it, but if he could put a bug in someone's ear before next May, that'd be great. I kinda like the area and don't want to have to leave, which is likely what would happen if hubby did lose his job.

So after today's test, I came home to a CLEAN house (love you hubby, love you MIL, love you kids!!!), which made my day after feeling all bubbly. I got to come home and play with the kids OUTSIDE until hubby put dinner on the table. Am I spoiled or what? I pulled out the tent E. Bunny brought the kids for Easter, and we had a ball. Dinner was awesome, thanks to my skilled houseboy.

Easter was great. We were down in C-bus with the hubby's side of the family and E. bunny made quite the appearance. With all the warm weather we've been having, spring fever has hit hard, and we all want to be outside digging and playing in the dirt. The kids both got gardening tools. Jonah's favorite is the watering can. He goes in and out of the house filling and emptying. Liam got a bug vacuum and other bug things so he can check out all the creepy crawlies. Have to say that the bug vacuum is one of the best inventions EVER. I have borrowed it on at least two occasions now to suck up 8-legged freaks and dispose of them back out into nature where they belong while not having to worry about whether or not Ms. Muffet's best friend is going to escape and crawl up my arm. The tent was part of the haul as was a pair of walkie talkies.

Even I've been fascinated with the bug vacuum. It has a detachable piece that you can look at the bugs through a magnifier after you've sucked them up and closed the trap door. Yeah. Spiders up close? Um. Those should not be looked at through magnifying glasses. Some things should just stay small. My mom used to suck up bugs with the vacuum cleaner when I was a kid, which is probably why I'm so into this toy, but I've always been afraid that they'll crawl back out and then I'll have to deal with them again. Mom once used the vacuum to suck up what seemed like hundreds of praying mantis babies when they hatched out of a sac in our Christmas tree one year. I wanted to keep them as pets. She vowed never to get another real tree and got out the Electrolux. The bug vacuum is the next best thing. I suck them up and ditch them back outside far away, like the neighbor's yard, where I know they're not as likely to end up back in the house. Found a big hairy spidey this morning like the one in the toilet paper roll last week, only this one was in the shower. Fun.

And now for a bit of knitting content...Anyway, I had Clapotis with me today. It seemed like a pretty easy project that I could work on between sections of the test. Why not the ribby cardi, you ask? Because it's going to have to be frogged. Probably completely. For various reasons. Erg. So I finished all the pieces last week, right? And I started seaming at SNB on Wednesday. Got the left and right fronts seamed to the back and got one raglan sleeve attached. I was so excited that I tried it on. Hubby is not much bigger than me. As a matter of fact, he's about the same size. So when I tried it on...and the armhole was too snug, I knew it wouldn't fit him either. The size of the armhole from the shoulder to the bottom of the armpit is not tall enough, and so it's too tight around the arm. That combined with the fact that hubby isn't crazy about the all ribbed sleeves being so snug either, just wasn't going to fly. The body fit great, though. I knitted what I thought would be a larger size because I knew he'd want it somewhat fitted but not tight. I lengthened the body and the sleeves, which would have worked out great (actually, I think I may have lengthened the sleeves too much). So now what? I have no idea how to rework the armholes and sleeves, and hubby has decided that maybe he'd like a pulli instead of a cardi, so it's looking like the whole thing is going to the frog pond. Too bad really, as that has been a semester's worth of knitting down the pooper. I may cast on another one for myself in the all ribbing in another size larger and see how that goes. I'm planning on doing other knitting in the meantime while I recover from that. Rowan #37 came in the mail the other day from an eBay purchase, and I'm going to make Butterfly...and a few other things. Oh, Rowan, why didn't I check into you before??? Unfortunately, it seems their yarn is difficult to substitute for, and my favorite LYS doesn't carry it, so I may be scouring the internet looking for some Rowan stuff. If the yarn is anything like the patterns, I can see why some of it is referred to as crack. Like Cracksilk Haze...gonna have me some of that. My treat for finishing the MCAT.

Sorry for the lack of photos (and editing), but I'm trashed ( friends are literally tonight) and gonna get some kip before settling in for a long day of studying tomorrow. Organic test 3, here I come....

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Sourire11 said...

Congrats on finishing the mcats! And that sucks about having to frog the ribby… I have yet to try the cracksilk haze but it looks amazing – and very addicting.