Thursday, October 19, 2006

Belly and the baby of the moment

I'm overdue in posting pics of my growing waistline. Hard to believe I'm already in my 29th week. Gads, it has just flown! Baby girl is very active and loves playing tag with momma already. Hubby keeps telling me to leave her alone, that I'll make her mean, but I reiterate that I used to do the same thing with the other two we have, and well, they're not mean. Besides, I read somewhere that their little brains are doing lots of growth in-utero and the stimulation of touch is an important way to help grow smart brains.

I'm definitely the "Queen of Roundness" around here at the moment. It was definitely hard to capture these self-portraits. Had to turn the flash off, so they aren't the most crisp, but at least it beats the "sun is exploding out of my head" shots that you get with the flash on.

Belly, what belly? I'm not pregnant at all...

Oh, you mean that belly. Yup. Definitely a watermelon or something growing in there. Knew I shouldn't have eaten those seeds this summer.

I had an audience while composing these photos. Ms. Nosybritches was in the bathroom hoping that I would brush my teeth so she could hop on my shoulder and catapult herself into the sink. Luckily, she realized she could use the kids' basket of bath toys as a jumping block instead of me.

Turn the water on already, lady. Can't you see I'm dying of thirst?


Girlfriend's favorite post-fight with the spigot activity is to come snuggle her wet self up in my arms. Usually her head, neck, and paws are wet from losing the fight with the water (and I don't think any actually ends up in her belly, either), and she shoves them up under my neck and kneads her paws. Luckily, I don't mind purring, soggy cat much.

Oh, I love you mommy...

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