Saturday, October 28, 2006

Happy Halloween, early

We've already had Trick-or-Treat twice, and it isn't even officially Halloween yet. Last week was the Halloween Festival at Liam's school. We've all been sick since last week, so I didn't get a chance until the day of the Festival to put Liam's costume together. Liam went through a gamut of costume possibilities before finally settling on a Viking. Not sure where that came from, but he was certain that was what he wanted to be.

So I wracked my brain to come up with ideas on how to pull it off, as I couldn't find any boy-sized costumes in the stores. I did manage to find a hat, though it was adult sized. Down to the local craft shop I went in search of fur and leather cord, and this is the result:

Jonah reprised "Wilbert" the Lion as worn by Liam for two (I think?) Halloweens. I had planned to make him a matching Viking outfit, but time ran out before I could manage.

A majorly nasty weather system is on its way through our area, so the forecast for today was to be in the 30s with rain/snow mix. I really figured that TOT would be out for tonight, and the two bags of candy I bought would completely go to waste (well...I would eat it, which would be bad). We had the gamut today. It rained heavily yesterday through this morning. The wind picked up and was in the 20-30+ mph range. The rain let up and then we had periodic showers. Then it thundered...and hailed. Then it snowed. Finally...just in time for the 6 pm kickoff, the weather broke, and the rain/snow/hail mix stopped. There was even a break in the clouds for a bit. The wind, however, did not stop, but that certainly did not deter the kids. I think we had a record-breaking turnout here. We went through all but 3 snack-size candy bars. The boys and I made the rounds of the big block, and both boys came away with full bags of candy. There was still time after we arrived home to hand out to more TOT'ers, and I think Liam enjoyed that just as much as going door to door.

Here's the boys in their costumes with the wind blowing back poor "Wilbert's" mane:

Yep...them horns sure do fit that expression. Look for him in a Capital One commercial coming soon!

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Kat said...

Happy Halloween from the Hoosier Hickeys! You guys look great!

Liam Hickey, Maddie, Isabella and Jackson