Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sick Bunnie

A plague has descended upon us. Not locusts or anything else of biblical proportions. Just your run of the mill cold virus that we all seem to be passing back and forth to each other. After sucking Sootherbs like a madwoman for the past week, I finally succumbed a few days ago to the funk, though not as badly as I might have if I hadn't been hitting the echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C like a junkie. While hubby may find my come hither voice attractive, I rather think I sound like a honking frog. I do seem to be on the mend, though, so hopefully I'll be better by this weekend.

There hasn't been much knitting or anything else around here lately either. It's been all declutter, all the time. The only silver lining to the clouds that I'm seeing is that I finally feel like I'm making a bit of progress. Finally. When MIL showed up this afternoon, the living room was trashed. Toys ran amuck along with the children, fur tumbleweeds blew past in the wake, and I'm not exactly sure what that was stuck to floor, but I think it may have been a fruit snack. Maybe. A mere 20 minutes or so of actual work, and the front room was neat, vacuumed, and totally presentable by the time hubby arrived home. This used to be an all afternoon process. I can walk in the laundry room and only a couple of baskets actually have clothes that could be washed in them. I could probably wait till this weekend to catch up on that and do maybe 3 or so loads total. The bathrooms only need a swish and swipe, and I can finally see my desk upstairs. I keep meaning to take before and after pictures, just so I can amaze myself with the amount of work that is getting done, but I'm afraid that if the pictures got out, the Clean House hostess would show up at my door, and I'd have to strangle her with her extensions. Have you seen this show? She's really perfectly nice, I'm sure, but I bet they'd want me to get rid of some yarn, and well....them's fighting words.

Our new cat is a complete nut. She's totally addicted to newspaper wads. Just the sound of the paper tearing will bring her out of a dead sleep on another floor. She doesn't have a very loud meow, and really it's more a squeak than anything else. So she'll squeak at me until I tear off and throw the wad of paper, and then she takes off after it at high speed. Once she gets it she'll carry it around, but I haven't figured out how to teach her to fetch yet. At this point, I keep having to tear off new wads to keep her satisfied. I so need to catch her on video and post it to YouTube. If I'm not careful, she will ambush me in the bathroom when I'm brushing my teeth just so she can get to the sink while the water is still running. I turned toward the door the other night with brush in mouth and caught her midflight out of the corner of my eye. She was up the side of my nightgown and up on my shoulder before I knew it. She's also a big snuggler. Loves to tuck her head into the crook of my neck and knead it to death while I love on her, all the while making smacking sounds. Probably from being abandoned as a baby. Poor thing.

Anyway, I really do promise pictures this week. Of knitting...of kids...of the belly...Just have to find the camera. One thing about decluttering. Gotta remember where I put stuff!

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