Sunday, March 18, 2007

No longer bald

I've been a busy girl. Six root children now have hair. I made three of them boys with short hair and three girls with long hair. Each girl has a different hairstyle, and because the heads were so small, doing the wrap and sew style hair made the most sense. I love the little redhead. She is so sweet with her green eyes, and the merino is super soft. It's funny how by looking at the little faces, I just knew what kind/color hair they needed. The little girl with the blue eyes just had to have blond pigtails. I only wish I'd had different colors of dollskin to make them truly more ethnic. I think they turned out pretty well. Now to make their twins in flower colors. The big question will be what flower will each root child represent as a flower child? I can see the blond as a daisy. The redhead will be a tulip. Not sure about the rest of them...

I've also been working on a strip for an afghan that the mothers' handwork group at school is putting together. So much to do so little time. Tick, tock, tick, tock...gotta get back to it!

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Andi said...

Pretty panel. I love the color. Flower girls suggestions: "Lily" of the Valley, "Rose" Bud, Lazy "Daisy".. it's hard to think when all this snow is coming down right now.