Friday, March 09, 2007

What a difference a day makes

There's a saying about weather in Northeast Ohio. If you don't like it, wait five minutes, and it will probably change. Remember 9 degrees yesterday and a high in the 20's? Today's temp topped out at a very springlike 56 degrees. Pure bliss. Jonah was itching to get outside, and with the weather being so balmy, it was much easier to let him go out in front where I can see him easily knowing I could bop out with the baby if I needed to reel him in. There is still snow on the ground, particularly where the snowplows piled up the 2 feet or so that we picked up during the snowstorm a few weeks ago and in places where the sun doesn't shine this time of year.

Jonah got his bicycle out first and rode up and down the sidewalk for a little while, but the lure of the snow was more than he could bear. He tromped out into the backyard (braving the dog's landmines) and got to work moving snow. He stayed out for quite a while, and I could tell how pleased he was to be out of the house. The sky today was so clear, and the contrails were crossing everywhere. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 40s with rain, and I know I will miss the sun. I'm solar powered, you know.

I'm still busily working on dolls and the such and hopefully will have some pictures of finished ones to show you all tomorrow. The bodies of most of them have been sewn, and today's work has consisted of making doll heads. Tomorrow, I'll finish the heads and start assembling, which is fiddly work. Hopefully by Sunday I'll be embroidering on hair and facial features.

The delivery man brought us a package today from my Aunt C. and Uncle P. in celebration of our new family member. A lovely velboa blanket (so buttery soft!) and a nifty night light that projects stars on the walls and ceiling in a choice of three colors. I think the boys will enjoy it as much as the baby will (heck, I might even turn it on tonight for me)! I'm so far behind in getting out thank you notes...gotta get on that.

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Andi said...

It was a pretty nice day today too. I am so happy Spring is on it's way.