Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is is spring yet?!?

I'm suffering from major cabin fever and springitis. Temperature this morning when I got out of bed at 6:30? 9 degrees. Hi, March? Doesn't that mean average temps above freezing? Yesterday morning we had 3-4 inches of fresh snow on the ground that had fallen overnight. Ugh. At least the sun is out today. I'm going to opens the shades, hang out in the house, and pretend that it's really 66 degrees outside, since that's what it is in here.

To help combat the winter doldrums, I've also started working on some springy things. Our poor nature table never really had a winter scene on it, thanks to the impending arrival of baby girl. The minute the equinox hits, I'm putting out some spring stuff.

The school auction season has arrived again, and in my true style, I've procrastinated and have nothing finished to donate. Which means I'm crafting like a fiend this week in the hopes of getting something finished by the deadline.

To feed my need for spring, I'm doing some felt animals and flower children for a nature table display. I'm also making more of the terry cloth baby teethers like I made for the Children's Festival.

I'm also hoping to make some dolls, but I know I'm going to run out of time. Such is my illness. I want to do a million things but I procrastinate or get busy with other things until it's really crunch time. We'll see what I end up really getting finished.

So here's the first FO. A felt bunny stuffed with wool with a needle felted wool tail. She didn't take long to make, so I'll probably shrink the pattern and make her a mommy by giving him babies. Liam says she's a desert cottontail.

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Andi said...

That is really a cute bunny! Reminds me of the snoopy tissue box cover me and my mother made when I was younger. It was felt too.