Friday, March 02, 2007

Remember me??

I was really surprised when I logged in this evening and noticed that it's been a few weeks since I posted last. Time flies when you're having fun (and are sleep deprived). There has been so much that's been blog worthy...but at the same time so much that is routine.

Speaking of routines, we're finally getting into one here now that the baby is pushing 2 months old. Ugh. Baby is still in her same wake up/sleep cycles, and we're still working on that, but the daily routine is getting better. I've actually been able to get some things done around the house, which seems nothing short of a miracle to me. There's even been knitting progress. I have a finished baby blanket to show you all...tomorrow hopefully...and other projects that have found their way to the needles.

The baby keeps growing, and I keep shrinking (good things, I think), as evidenced by her growing into the next size clothing while I've managed to get out of my maternity clothes finally (though still not back into my prepregnancy wardrobe).

We received the disc that has all the birth and pregnancy photos on it, and they turned out spectacular. I'm so impressed by how lovely they are...our photos will actually be featured on the photographer's website at Cindy's Gentle Vision in a few weeks.

The big thing that our life seems to revolve around at the moment (other than the children) is planning our upcoming trip to Rome. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Passports are being processed, airline tickets are on hold, and hotels are being researched....and I'm trying to learn Italian. Corinna will be bilingual by the time all is said and done...well...maybe.

And now...for cuteness.
Look at me...I smile!!

Whack dance shots...Get down sister friend!

Ok Mom...I'm getting tired of all this already...Can we be done now?

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Andi said...

How exciting a trip to Rome! It's on my list of places to see too. Good for you guys! Cute pictures.. she's a natural!