Friday, May 26, 2006

A lesson in embryology

I've been patiently watching the nesting box for the last week. I'm not sure exactly when momma robin finished the nest and really started spending time in it, but I do know for sure now that there are eggs in the nest.
While it's difficult to tell from the picture (I couldn't get the camera at a good angle to capture all the eggs in the nest), there are three perfectly beautiful baby blue eggs in the nest. The momma robin is still pretty skittish when the kids and I are in the backyard, so I've been trying to keep the amount of activity near the nesting box to a minimum. When we had the house sparrows in the box, I never really paid much attention to the timeline of how long it took to hear peeping in the nest, but this time, I wanted to know about how long it will take until we have baby birds, since they will be more visible. I found a really nice journal here that details a brood of babies last spring. According to a link on this site, it should take around 14-16 days from the time the last egg was laid for the babies to hatch. The new chicks will stay in the nest for a couple of weeks, and then they'll be flying off.

While I've been checking into bird embryology, I've also been doing a little research into human embryology.
Yes, that would be our little peanut. Turns out we're expecting a third baby sometime right around the new year. Liam has already requested that this one be a girl. I told him he needed to talk to his father about that.

Needless to say, our little peanut has put a kink in many a plan (though I'm actually quite excited now about having another baby). I was in the midst on working on Butterfly in the hopes of wearing it this summer, but I've now decided to knit the next larger size and hope that it stretches enough to keep wearing it as my waist expands. So far I've gotten one of the hems done.
I also posted about picking up the One Skein and a secret book for a secret project....well, here's the secret book:
I haven't decided yet which things I want to make from this book. I was mostly hoping to use it as a planning tool to modify other patterns to make them more "belly friendly." I've also decided that I must make several of these from the One Skein book, and if it turns out to be a boy...well...he may just end up wearing them anyway.

I also picked up a copy of the Summer Interweave Knits. Oh so many things in there I'd like to make. One being this:

There are also a few other things in there that, if modified for length, might work quite well with my expanding figure. I'm very glad that empire waist and crossover tops are quite the hip thing at the moment, as they work nicely with my shape at the moment, which is beginning to expand, but not yet looking pregnant.

I apologize for the flash in the pictures, but it's raining here AGAIN, and I didn't want to wait any longer to post. On top of my new-found pregnancy-induced fatigue, I have a head cold, so I've been slow to get much of anything (particularly knitting!) accomplished lately. Afternoon naps have become my new best friend, and will likely continue to be so for another month or so until I get into my second trimester.


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Congratulations on the newest bambeeno! Woo Hoo yes we need another girl for the TEAM!! Rained here little today.. then quit now it's cool outside. I forget when do Robin eggs hatch?