Friday, November 17, 2006

Counting down the hours

By this time tomorrow, the Children's Festival will be all but a memory. Bad girl me, I didn't post yesterday, as I was knee deep in dollmaking (again and still...). Tonight I dropped off what I did get finished for the table tomorrow.

Here's what I got finished:

Two large terrycloth teething dolls (the large white ones on top has a bell sewn inside the cap so it cute!), two small terrycloth teething dolls (the blue and mint on the bottom left), Three pouch dolls (two pink, one blue), one doll with arms (the yellow one with the brown hair) and one with arms and legs (the one with the blonde braids). I still have a blue pouch doll that just needs the head sewn on and a large white terry teether that needs a head made and sewn in (I might keep that one for our baby), so we'll see if I can get that finished tomorrow. I'm thinking I may just make some more wool angels instead, as I know those will definitely sell.

All the dolls in the picture were made following Waldorf doll-making instructions found in Kinder Dolls. None of the dolls have faces, as they will likely appeal to the preschool and younger set, who need to be able to use their imagination to decide what emotions the doll is displaying. The dolls without limbs will appeal most to toddlers and babies. There's a whole philosophy on the features that should be present in dolls for particular age groups, but at the moment, I'm too darn tired to 'splain it, Lucy. The dolls are all small (I've made larger ones before, and I didn't have time to make anything larger than these), about 5 1/2 inches for the dolls with hair.

I'm hoping they all sell tomorrow, but even if they don't, the gal who runs the school store told me that she would love to sell my dolls in the school store, which surprised and pleased me no end. Even if they did come back home, I do have some other new homes in mind for them.

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