Saturday, April 21, 2007

Movin' on up...

Ok...that little thing I've been hinting around about? That I didn't want to put in black and white? Well...I'm ready now that closing is only a few weeks away. We're moving. We bought a house. Squeee!!

This is such a bittersweet thing, despite the excited tone above. This means a few things. Liam won't be at the Waldorf school next year, as we can't afford both house payment and tuition for two children. Jonah, however, will start there next year and will stay until he starts first grade. So at least we will stay a part of the school community that we've come to cherish over the last three years. I am so sad that Liam won't be able to continue on there, but the community we're moving to has some of the best schools in the state. I will likely try to continue to do some things at home with him to keep that Waldorf spirit alive, though.

We will be leaving wonderful neighbors behind. Our neighbors to the west have a daughter who is the same age as our youngest son, and she is very fond of "her boys." We all get along swimmingly (literally...they have an in-ground pool) and enjoy getting together to play cards or around holidays (whenever there's a good excuse to have a cookout or party). The folks that live on the corner two doors west are also wonderful people who are quite entertaining, and their youngest daughter, who is older than Liam, still enjoys playing with the younger kids. Our neighbor to the north is a retired corrections officer, and he's not only entertainment, but an all around nice guy. To the east is a sweet lady who has grown children our age who still live at home and are frequently a nuisance, but she is as nice as the day is long, and she adores our kids. Two doors to the east is a lovely older widower to whom Jonah has taken a shining (I think that street runs both ways). This guy is retired and doesn't have much to keep him busy, so he has the most meticulously kept yard, and his dog is the best walked on the block. He really enjoys hanging out on his porch, watching the kids play, and the kids love to hang out on Mr. T.'s porch and chat with him while they pet his dog. I think he enjoys them as much as they enjoy him.

We will also be saying goodbye to the home we've known for the past 9 years. That's almost a third of my life. This is the only place that my hubby and I have known as a married couple. There is a lot of history here. Having my friend come and live with us for 6 weeks...Hubby getting his masters...The birth of our oldest. My sister spending a summer here. Transcription school. Doula and childbirth education training. Going back to do some postbac work. Talk of med school and finishing the MCAT. Our two youngest have actually been born in this house, and that alone is enough to make this house sentimental.

Our new house does need some work. We have 2 full baths now, which with children is almost a must, anymore. The new place has one and a half, which will be fine until all five of us are trying to get ready at the same time in the morning to get off to school and work. So we are hoping to add on another bath before we move in. There is painting to be done...floors to refinish...a kitchen to rearrange/remodel (depending on fundage), electric to update. Overall, though, this house is in a great neighborhood in a good location for hubby's commute (though it will take a fair bit longer to get J-rock to school), and will be more room than what we have now. I will have a dedicated dining room, rather than having a common living/dining room. Each child will be able to have their own bedroom (though I'm thinking of doubling the boys up for now, and the baby will stay with us for quite a while longer...which means I will have a craft room for a while!). We have a "living" room and a "family" room. I'm thinking the living room may be where I teach classes from in the future. The yard is lovely...near 3/4 of an acre for the kids to romp in. Our drive has an adjustable basketball hoop, so I'm foreseeing many a game of one-on-one with the kids in the future. We will have a front porch, so I can hang out and listen to the sounds of summer. I'm thinking a hanging swing or a glider would be perfect for this spot. Our back yard also has a lovely deck where I imagine we will probably do much grilling and hopefully socializing.

Each time we visit the house, it starts to feel more and more like home to me. I'm so ready to get in and start putting our touches in it to get it to really feel like "our" house.'s that for news?

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