Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Old Man Winter strikes again!

Really, snow in April is not uncommon in Northeast Ohio. If you live around here, you become accustomed to that early spring snowstorm that snarls traffic and gives the newly risen greens frostbite. I only wonder what happens to all the frogs that I've heard singing at night in the ponds around here lately.

So to whet your warm weather appetites, I offer seeds of yesterday's sun and blooming bulbs. By the time it's nice enough to get outside again, they will probably be frostbitten and done blooming. I'm really hoping that this cold snap doesn't trash the lovely blooms on the flowering trees and forsythia bushes too much. I've pretty much figured that they will do in my tulips, though.

We spent much of the afternoon driving around, and I noticed that the weeping willows have leaves as do many of the bushes along the roadside. This seems really early to me, like it should be at least another couple of weeks yet before this should happen, but I have no way to really mark the date...other than surfing back through my own blog archives. See? My blog is useful for something other than taking up bandwidth. When I go back to last year this time, it seems the spring bloom is only about a week or two earlier than last year.

It was not long after this time last year that we found out that we were expecting another baby. Sweet cheeks turned three months old today, and I can't believe how fast time seems to be marching (at double time) forward. Little Miss C. now can grab onto things she's interested in (like the kitties if they get close enough), and she loves to ooh and ahh at anything or anyone that catches her eye, particularly the baby in the mirror. If I put her down on the floor, she tries to roll to one side.

Aren't I just a cute little ducky in my jammies?

Here, kitty kitty...(note the tail in the left of the frame...she was intent on grabbing)

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Andi said...

Pretty flowers. So cold out today. What a huge drop in temp. She's getting big.. cute outfit. I want one just like hers. LOL.