Monday, April 23, 2007

My little ray of sunshine

Weather here has been B-E-A-yootiful (I watched bits and pieces of Bruce Almighty last night). The boys and I spent ALL day outside working. I managed to weed all the front beds, cut down all the old stuff that I didn't get cut down last fall, re-edged the front bed, put all the mulch that had spilled onto the driveway back, put new mulch down in a few spots until I ran out of it, sprayed for weeds (which normally I wouldn't do...but since this house will be selling...and I have another house to keep up with, there will be no time to pull weeds this summer), and mowed the front and back lawns. I'm actually not as sore as I thought I'd be what with all that effort. And...considering that the sun was out in full force yesterday, I'm not sunburned (yes, mom...I put on my sunblock)...well...all except this one swath on my lower back where my tank top (yeah, baby, I actually wore a TANK TOP yesterday - and sweated in it!) was riding up and I didn't notice. Hubby noticed it once it was too late.

Today, we're going to go get more mulch and do more outside, since it's supposed to storm this afternoon and then turn cooler and wet for the rest of the week. Then I can work inside.

Baby girl is now 3 1/2 months old, give or take, and for the most part, she's a quiet little thing. She occasionally will "chat" up a storm when she sees something she's really interested in (which lately has been grown men....gonna have to have a sit down with her about that), but I haven't been able to really get her to laugh (smile yes, laugh no) - until today. For some reason last night after I got out of the shower, she was really chatty. When she coos, she stretches her arms out and works her legs at the same time. Sort of a full body workout. So hubby was holding her; I was talking to her. Something I said struck her as particularly funny, and she actually giggled. I laughed because I thought it was funny, managed to get her to giggle several more times before she started to get bored/tired. There is something about the sound of a baby giggling that just makes me melt. Can't get enough of that sound. I'm hoping to catch it on video soon.

The baby is also getting into the swing of the dinnertime routine with the boys. I sat next to Jonah at the table last night. Corinna was sitting on the same side of me as Jonah, and he was close enough to her that each time she stretchedout her arm, she'd get a hold of his shirt and give it a good pull. Finally, he says to me in a disgusted voice, "Mom...would you tell Corinna to quit pulling on me?" And so it begins...

Jonah put himself down for an early morning I'd best be getting things done! Happy Monday!

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Andi said...

congratulations on your new home. I am sure you will have many happy years there. I hope this doesn't mean you're too far away to come to the knit group...?