Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pretty in pink

My MIL received a package the other day from her sister (so my aunt-in-law) who lives down south. We rarely get to see her or the rest of my MILs side of the family, but when we do, they are so sweet to us. My MIL knew that it was something handmade for the baby and she couldn't resist opening it up. She called to tell me that she'd gotten it and that she'd give it to me when I saw her next (which lately...we've been seeing each other a fair bit...hopefully details as to why soon), but she filled me in on how cute it was.

I was not to be disappointed. Inside the now unwrapped box was a beautiful pink hand-crocheted dress. Around the collar are sweet little picots. The yarn has a lovely sheen to it, and it's amazingly soft. Little pearlescent pink buttons close the front.I thought at first that it would be way too big for baby girl to wear, but I couldn't stand it any more tonight and tried it on her. If I fold up the cuffs, she should be able to wear it now. It will look amazingly cute with the leggings I made and with a onesie underneath.

Big brother helped her pose for the shots, as standing does the dress the most justice. So cute, aren't they?

Liam asks before this shot, "Can I show her my silly face?"

Thanks Aunt T.!!


Andi said...

Very pretty. Love her expression.

Carmen said...

How very cute!

Ana said...

She is getting so big. I think she looks alot like you!