Sunday, April 01, 2007

So done.

The auction is now but a blurry memory, and I can finally heave a big fat sigh of relief. After one all night crafting session and another night until 2 am in a push before the auction deadline, here are the results of my effort.

Six root children (which you all have seen before), six flower children, two adult felt bunnies, one felt baby bunnie (yeah, so I switch my -y to an -ie...what of it?), Two adult felt sheep with woolie bodies, and one little lambie.

Many thanks to my mother-in-law who helped sew the bodies of the root children and helped with the kiddos and also to my friend K. who also helped with sewing the bodies of the root children. It took me up to the very last minute to finish everything up. Something I'd like to not repeat again in the future.

I finished off the nature table scene by purchasing a yard of yellow/green dupioni silk (so pretty!!) that I didn't get a chance to photograph and a flat basket. I lined the basket with the silk and arranged all the dolls and felt animals in the basket along with the Mother Nature from our nature table. I snipped flowers from our front yard (crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and snowdrops) and arranged them so the flower children were holding them in their little pipe-cleaner arms. Voila! Again, somebody thump me for not getting a picture of it.

The Mother Love blanket that I knitted a strip for auctioned for $650. Not bad! The nature table scene with the dolls and things sold for $120. The felt bowls went for something like $20 or $30. All in all a pretty good showing. I probably should have listed the price for the nature table scene at $200. I think it might have auctioned for closer to that if I'd done that, but I'm never good at deciding true value on the items I make.

Hubby thought that I might be all crafted out by now. Um yeah, no. I think that is an insatiable urge. My crafting priorities might shift a little back to knitting, but I've got plenty of crafting fire left in me. Just no more staying up to the wee hours for a while, 'k?

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Andi said...

I'm glad the auction went so well for you guys. Everything you made is so adorable.