Friday, February 24, 2006

100 things about me

This was a meme that I've seen on several sites, and I love getting to know other bloggers this way. So here goes!

1. I am a procrastinator of the worst kind. I'm actually surprised that I put this first and didn't put it off until later.
2. Being a procrastinator generally means I force myself to work under undue pressure.
3. I actually thrive under this kind of pressure.
4. I'm a Hoosier by birth, a Buckeye by marriage.
5. I have no idea what the word Hoosier means. But apparently neither does anyone else.
6. If I had my choice of anywhere to live right now, it would be Charleston, S.C.
7. I am not a big fan of prolonged winter. Sure, I like me some snow on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and maybe even New Year's, but unless I'm in the act of skiing, it may as well be above 50 degrees F and sunny. I've been told I'm solar-powered.
8. I do love the way a fresh blanket of snow looks, though. Particularly when it's rained before it and the snow sticks to the trees.
9. I love the outdoors in general.
10. My favorite memories are of spending time with my dad going on hikes through the Dunes National Lakeshore and bonfires in our back yard all night.
11. I used to have to be bribed with Dairy Queen to go on hikes.
12. I plan to do the same things with my kids, but hopefully it won't have to involve bribery...although...Dairy Queen always sounds good.
13. I rode in the Little 500 women's race two consecutive years.
14. The first year we qualified last and finished up two places from there. The second year we qualified 24th and finished 13th.
15. I wrecked in the second year's race and have scars to prove it. Cinders are a real pain to get out. One of our teammates wrecked during the final lap and broke her collarbone.
16. My dad was killed in a work-related accident when I was 19.
17. This has really helped to shape me as a person.
18. I still miss him and think of him daily. I think he would be proud of the adult I've become.
19. I've always been a crafty person.
20. I learned to crochet when I was in middle school.
21. I also learned to do calligraphy in middle school.
22. While I like to do crafty things, I don't think of myself as particularly creative.
23. I like to have a pattern to follow, or I use other people's ideas as a diving board to other things.
24. Disorganization drives me crazy.
25. I'm always disorganized.
26. This drives me crazy.
27. If I were rich, I'd hire a personal organizer who could follow me around and keep me organized.
28. I'm too lazy to stay organized.
29. People often ask me how I do all the things I do.
30. It's because I don't keep my house very clean.
31. Given the choice to run a load of dishes or laundry, I'll sit and knit every time.
32. I get overwhelmed by the enormity of my tasks.
33. This doesn't keep me from taking on more things to do.
34. One day this will catch up with me, and I'll be found during a search and rescue operation under the mound of things I need to do.
35. I'm rarely on time.
36. It takes me about 30 minutes to get showered, primped, and dressed.
37. I could get up 3 hours before I have to go to school and still be late despite the above.
38. I would spend 2 hours and 45 minutes contemplating what to wear, surfing the internet, knitting, or doing something else before getting ready and still be late to class. Procrastination, see?
39. I'm a Pisces.
40. I'm very true to the characteristics of my sign.
41. I've been told that I have a very old soul.
42. I'm the handy one in the house.
43. Yet, I'm now allowed to play with power tools.
44. Probably because I almost cut my finger off with the electric hedge trimmers.
45. If there were a job I could learn to do that is outside of what I think I'm supposed to do, I think it would be carpentry.
46. I'd like to build my own house. With my own hands.
47. I'm into gardening.
48. I'd like to have a garden this year, if I can manage to get the raised beds built for it.
49. That would require renting power tools and having someone else run the cultivator.
50. I'm impulsive.
51. But I like to plan things and write lists.
52. I usually don't get very far on my to do lists because I put too many things on them, and I get overwhelmed by the enormity of what I'd like to do.
53. I've been accused of being a hippie.
54. I'm more a minivan hippie in that I like some of my technology but I'd rather live a more organic lifestyle.
55. I don't look like a hippie.
56. I would like to eat more organic but am not sure why I don't.
57. I was a vegetarian for a semester while in college.
58. My roommate was Jewish and was a vegetarian and played ultimate frisbee, and I wanted to be just like her. Well, I didn't think I wanted to be Jewish, but I thought it was interesting.
59. I lost 10 pounds that semester and felt great. I even played some ultimate frisbee.
60. I never thought of myself as athletic.
61. I still don't particularly think of myself as athletic, but I enjoy doing athletic things.
62. Much like my sign, I am all about the water.
63. I think that's why I'd like to live in Charleston so much. Close to the ocean, warm weather, good food.
64. I'm a great cook.
65. I have my mom to thank for that.
66. I'm a lot like my mom.
67. I'm a lot more like my dad that I used to think.
68. I love looking at my children and seeing the bits of me and the bits of my husband.
69. Becoming a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well, next to meeting my hubby.
70. We were set up on a blind date.
71. At a fraternity party.
72. There was much drinking involved.
73. He liked me anyway.
74. I believe in destiny.
75. I also believe in love at first sight.
76. I have been accused of having control issues.
77. I'd deny it, but it's true.
78. My oldest is like me in this respect, which can frequently be frustrating.
79. I'm outgoing and shy at the same time.
80. It is difficult for me to make new friends.
81. I have many acquaintances, but very few good friends.
82. I have two best friends.
83. One is my childhood friend, whom I miss very much and don't call enough.
84. My husband is the other.
85. He puts up with me, and I have yet to figure out why.
86. I can be quite demanding. Goes along with the control issues.
87. When I decide I want something, there are very few things that get in my way and keep me from getting it.
88. I used to have a list of three things that I wanted that would make me completely happy.
89. They included a dog, a baby, and a Beetle.
90. I got all three things.
91. I still have a list of three things.
92. The dog drives me crazy. The kids are wonderful but at the same time drive me crazy. The Beetle was a lease and got returned because it wasn't big enough to be a family vehicle. 2 car seats don't fit so well back there, and it's not easy to get in and out of when you're 9 months pregnant.
93. I now drive a minivan. This makes me happy. The Beetle still better fits my personality.
94. I would like to have more children. Maybe two. Hopefully a girl. I'd love to have that mother-daughter bond my mom and I have.
95. I love the mother-son bond my boys and I have.
96. I dig Waldorf education.
97. If we didn't have a Waldorf school so near, I might have considered home schooling.
98. Only I don't have the patience or discipline.
99. I'm not the most patient of people.
100. I'm not always disciplined, unless it's something I really want. Oh...look...I made it to the end!

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