Thursday, February 16, 2006

What a tease...

The weather here has been lovely the past few days...mid to upper 50s with enough humidity in the air to make it feel a bit warmer. I'd swear that it's close to 60 out right now even after dark. Tomorrow? Back into the chilla with the temps dropping down into the 20s. Ugh. I did get a chance to get out last night and go for a run with the black dog. So nice. I really gotta get back to doing that more regularly. I think the mutt would appreciate it, as would my waistline!

Thursday is the same deal as Tuesday. Yesterday was busy with class, studying, and MCAT prep stuff. By the time I got home it was after 9. By the time I finished my run it was 11 (long story...but it involves my not being able to locate my fanny with both hands. My mom understands what I'm like), and by the time I got in bed it was shortly after midnight. Alarm at 5:45, to school by 7:45, work like a beast on the lab report that's due by 5pm, run to pick up L., come home and try to finish the Valentine's things that L. needs to take to school tomorrow morning. I'll breathe later.

So tonight's craft is this:
The heart-shaped box is felt and was on sale 75% off, so they were .90 at JoAnn's. Got enough for the class and the teachers. They look hand-made, so I figured I could pass them off as my own handiwork. Ok, maybe they all know I'm in school and don't have time for such things because, well, there's knitting that needs to be done too. I did decide to embroider each child's name on the top of the box (so I can say I did something crafty). The card is a traced heart cut from pink card-stock upon which L. lovingly placed a sticky foam heart. The backs of the cards are each autographed, and L. traced a heart shape with crayon.

I am in love with these foam shapes. They have all different shapes and themes, and they have adhesive on the back so you can stick them to things. L. made ornaments for christmas with them, and they were adorable. Anyway, I digress...inside the box are also a couple of glass jewels (they are given frequently in Waldorf as "treasures") and a few "Sweet-Hearts" with the clever sayings on them. I had to check to make sure they didn't have any p0rn on them.

L. did find one in particular that he set aside that quoted, "Marry Me." I assumed he was going to give it to A., one of his classmates. He said, "Mom, make sure that one gets in La's box. She asked me to marry her, and I thought about it for a few minutes and decided, yes, I love her, so I'll marry her." This came as quite a shock, as I was sure he was in love with A., as the mere mention of her name causes him to melt into a puddle on the floor. I've literally seen him get weak in the knees and fall down in front of her. So I ask, "But I thought you loved A." He, being a boy who knows how to divide his affections, replies, "I do. But I'm going to marry La because she asked me." A. also happens to be an older woman who will be off to first grade next year, and he's not into uncertainty in a relationship.

Knitting progress of my cardi posted here.

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