Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh to be in the Carribean about now!

This morning I put the finishing touches on the Booga Bag. I had to run it through the dryer on fluff another 60 minutes or so to get it good and dry. I wanted so badly to take it with me to school today, so I was rushing it a little, I suppose. Guess I could have listed a huge lack of patience on my 100 things, too. My impatience paid off though, as it's done! So here's the finished product:
Details of the project:
Pattern: Booga Bag
Yarn: Noro Kureyon color 153, 3 skeins
Needles: 10 1/2 circular and double pointed bamboo
Modifications: I added two pockets to the inside of the purse to give me a place to stow my debit card and IDs and my cell phone. Without adding these, I would have used 2 1/4 skeins.
What would I do different/same next time: I think I could have run the bag through a couple more cycles of hot wash. The fabric isn't quite as dense/felted as I might have liked, and the purse does kind of pool a little bit when it's not very full, but I was afraid of overfelting and shrinking the bag enough that it wouldn't be practical. I've already had a few comments on how cute it is. I absolutely love how the Noro softens up when it's felted, and the colorways are just gorgeous, so doing another one with a different or even the same colorway is definitely in the future. I would also keep the pockets, but I have to find a way to sew them in without puckering the fabric on the outside of the purse. I simply whipstitched them on catching the ladders on the wrong side. Poor technique may have been a culprit. Here's a somewhat blurry shot of the inside of the bag so you can see the pockets. One pocket is larger and deeper than the other. That one's for my IDs and cards. The smaller pocket is for my phone.I needed that instant gratification project. I'm working slowly on the sleeves to the ribby cardi, but I was getting a case of startitis. Thought it would be better to work on something that I had some hope of finishing quickly, so I can concentrate on finishing the cardi. Won't have much time for that over the rest of the week due to a Molecular exam, two lab reports, and a practice MCAT.

We've had more snow today, and I'm so craving a warm retreat right now, so just having this bag in the warm colors of the Carribean perked me up.

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