Friday, February 10, 2006


J. has a lot to say these days. He's gone from the strong silent type to chatterbug in a matter of a few months. He's also the one I have to watch like a hawk or he's balancing the chair perilously on top of something with wheels while holding lit matches and juggling knives. Ok..he's not that bad, but he is the busy one of the two boys. Along with his newfound vocabulary, he's also come up with some stuff of his own, similar to L.'s "da beet, da bat, da boom," that was a frequent phrase when he was about the same age.

For your reading enjoyment, the poetry of J.
"Uh, oh. I think we doodied...Daah doof...we doodied." This phrase is actually completely unrelated to using the bathroom, believe it or not. It's more something he says when he's crashing something into something else.
"Twinkle, twinkle little much I love you too..."
"Come on naynee...go potty." (said to penis while standing and leaning over the potty. Apparently some penises need encouraging.)
"Bing, bonk, bing, bonk." (said while poking something...usually his brother's head.

I went to the school store this morning. There is something about this place and the office supply store, and any craft store that just make me incapable of restraint. I would like to blame it on errant glue fumes or something, but I know that's not the case. It surely brings out my inner child!

The rainbow silk is for the kids to have fun with. It can be a cape, a skirt, a blanket, and oh so many other things. The wand with the silk streamer is for the kids to do whatever they like with. J. disassembled the display of them in the store, and got it for him to keep him occupied while I shopped. The box of beeswax modeling bricks will become figurines for our nature table (which I have not yet started). The wool in the bag was actually purchased for Pam and Starbaby when I made them for the kids for Christmas the year before last, as was the brown mohair yarn. These, along with the peach knit fabric and the purple felt, will become a queen, and perhaps another character to join L.'s king doll. I didn't want the king to feel lonely for long.

I cast a spell on you! Bing, bonk, bing, bonk!

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