Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Balancetimes Day!

Tuesdays are rough for me. I am so not a morning person, despite efforts to the contrary. I could go to bed at 6 pm and still have problems getting up at 5 am the next morning. DH manages on most work days to be up by 6 at the latest and gets his workout in. I am not nearly so disciplined. So, having to get up at 5:45 am so I can make it to 7:45 am lab after having been in class until 9 pm the previous night and not getting to bed until 11:00 makes for a sleepy bunnie on Tuesdays. Wash, rinse, and repeat that for Thursday, too.

I did actually manage to make it out of the house semi on time, though...in time enough that I thought to grab my camera, but not in time enough to get my lab procedure written before I left. I get out of the house about 7:15 or so, which these days is just in time for the sun to be rising. The sunrises the past few days have actually been quite stunning, and this morning was no exception. I wished I had my camera yesterday, because the sun made a lovely orange sunbeam pointed straight toward the heavens as it peeked out of the clouds. Breathtaking.

This morning's sunrise lit up all the contrails going across the sky and turned them a really pretty silver. I wasn't at a stoplight long enough to capture good ones, and by the time I hit campus, the lighting wasn't right. I did, however, capture this shot on my way into the chemistry building. No surprise, it's a little blurry, but I was hustling to get to class.

L.'ism for the day: (in the car on the way home) "Mom, when is the Furby movie coming out?" Me: "Furby movie? I don't think there is one." L: "But there's a toy (gotta love Happy Meals), so there must be a movie. That's how it goes. First there's a movie, then there's a toy." So much for thinking my kids would be immune to the whole consumerism thing.

Today is Self-Portrait Tuesday (I'm not a member, but thought posting a pic of myself might be interesting). I don't see myself as being particularly photogenic. Ok...I don't think I'm photogenic at all, but that's another story. Sorry for the flash, but couldn't figure out how to avoid it. I'm sure there's some great secret that I'm missing out on. Clue anyone? Oh, and the flecks are spots on the bathroom mirror. It's great fun to splash and spit on. Just ask my 5-year-old.

No special plans for Valentine's day. Just having dinner with the family and going to bed. J. pronounces Valentine's "balancetimes," so Happy Balancetimes Day to you all! Knitting content is forthcoming!

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