Thursday, March 02, 2006


TGTF. After an organic chem exam and lab report due last week, two lab reports due within 3 days of each other, 3 hours of sleep last night, and a hellish exam this afternoon, I'm so glad tomorrow's Friday, as I'm feeling a bit french fried. So tomorrow? No school for me. No quizzes. No reports. No exams. The only thing better would be to sleep in, which I won't do, since Liam has school in the morning. What I should do is get ready for the MCAT practice exam on Saturday, but I probably will do other things that are needing my attention, like say washing some clothes so I have a pair of underwear that don't resemble half a napkin and some string.

Today's weather has been a bit crispy too. And not in a hot way. I woke this morning to gray skies, and as I left, the snow plows were out spraying brine. Oh, snow today, I thought. But then I thought I remembered hearing something about rain today. And rain it did...As I left the chemistry building after lab, it was pouring. It felt pretty chilly, and as I went off to my exam this afternoon, I noticed the trees were sounding crunchy in the breeze. I looked up to see a good 1/4 inch coating of ice on all the trees. Everything was covered in a glaze of ice. I wanted to get a picture of it in the daylight, but didn't have my camera with me.

The funny thing was the juxtaposition of the ice hanging in the trees and the sound of ROBINS in the trees. Yup, the robins have been singing in the trees in the morning as of late. It was so quiet through the winter without their morning and evening songs. Surely spring must be right around the corner. So this afternoon on my way home? Snow. And more snow in the forecast for the next few days. Blech.

In lieu of the daytime picture, I snapped this one of our back gate. The ice on the trees seems a bit thicker than what's on the gate.This week will hopefully be less hectic. I need to get caught up on some things and decide what fun things I want to put together for the spring auction at Liam's school. Liam thought I should make a dragonfly costume like his Halloween costume. I thought not. I'm thinking more something knit (surprised, aren't you?) or maybe some dolls or something else crafty.

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