Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bedtime tales

All things seem to be revolving around sleep these past few days. I'm trying to be on a new schedule (why do I do these things to myself?) and getting up at the same time every day during the week. Considering that I have to be out of bed by 5:45 on Tuesday and Thursday for lab, that means I'm getting out of bed at that same time on Monday and Wednesday instead of sleeping in until 7:15. What am I doing at that early hour with my free morning time? Working out. I figured if I did it early in the morning, then I could use the time on campus when I would be working out on those days for honest to goodness studying, seeing as how I know no Physics....the MCAT is just over a month away....and I gotta learn me a year's worth of Physics between now and then. Good thing I married a rocket scientist. They know some physics.

Needless to say, there's a consequence of my getting up at 5:45's an awful hard trick to stay up until midnight. Heck, it's hard to stay up past 8:30. So I've had my fanny in bed by 10 pm every night this week. That means more snuggle time with my boys, which I don't mind. If there's anything I'm's sleep.

Speaking of snuggling, when we went up to bed last night, we found this:

The kids are like little portable heaters, and when you get two of them together in one spot, you could heat a small apartment. Both of them had rosy cheeks and were damp with sweat. It's nice to crawl into bed and have my spot already warmed up. And yes, my bed looks like I dressed it with my eyes closed. Not one of the pillows matches the sheets. The comforters don't match anything either. Very much a mish mosh. What do I care? I'm just gonna sleep in it anyway.

I had to change the pillowcase on my pillow (to Mickey) the other night after a near scare. Came home Monday night and knew Tuesday was going to be an early morning, so I decided to go to bed early. Cliff hadn't been home from picking up Jonah from Grandma's house for very long, and during the drive home, Jonah had fallen asleep. Cliff tried to get him out of his coat, but Jonah protested, so Cliff put him in bed with it on. After getting everything ready for bed, he climbed in and was about to make an attempt to pull Jonah's coat off. As he picked Jonah up from the pillow, he noticed that Jonah's face and the pillow were covered in what appeared to be blood.

I was downstairs brushing my teeth and heard Cliff come down for a washcloth. Curious to see what he needed it for (I assumed a poopy fanny), and upon hearing that there might be blood involved, I followed him upstairs. Now, Jonah has been known to chew on the insides of his cheeks or lips if he gets upset or frustrated about something. I was thinking that maybe he'd had a nightmare and had chewed himself to bleeding. The thought of this was a bit concerting, as I hate to think of my kids being upset and my not being able to comfort them.

Jonah had rolled over between the time Cliff had come down and we'd both gone upstairs, so I couldn't see his face, but the amount of red-brown on the pillowcase had me seriously concerned. Didn't seem like he could have chewed his lip and made that much blood, so maybe it was a bloody nose? When Cliff rolled him over to wipe his face with the washcloth, I was flabbergasted. He looked like he'd gone a couple rounds with someone and got suckerpunched in the face. His face was covered in red-brown goo. Being the concerned parent, I immediately switched to overdrive and start looking to see where the bleeding is coming from. I pulled him closer to get a good look (the only light was from the TV), and...sniff....sniff...wait a minute...that's not's CHOCOLATE!

Grandma had given him a handful of M&Ms for getting in the car. Jonah, not being one to eat one at a time, stuffed the whole handful in his mouth and had fallen asleep before he had a chance to finish chewing. Somehow, he managed to hold onto this chocolate surprise all the way until he got up into bed, at which point it all came out on the pillowcase and his face. I was so completely relieved. We managed to get the young man washed up and changed the pillowcase before he was ever fully awake, and everyone managed to get a restful night.

Moral of the story? No more treats in the car on the way home at night. Liam did this sort of thing once when he was about the same age. Fell asleep with a whole chicken nugget sticking out of his mouth. We were all the way to Hudson before I managed to get it out.

I'm off to get ready for school. Happy hump day!

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