Friday, March 10, 2006

My ego has swollen to the size of my ankle

I'm not normally on campus on Fridays, but I made an exception today due to a Biology Symposium. It was the first time the department did this, and the purpose was for everyone to see what everyone else has been working on over the course of the year. Since I was involved in research last semester, I actually had my name on a poster! It was fun to be able to go and talk to everyone about what they were doing and have them ask questions about what we were doing. Being in with the grad students and all the professors was also pretty gratifying. I'm hoping to have pictures to show some time in the future.

The title says that my ego has swollen like my ankle. Well, my ankle has definitely swollen. I'm hoping to keep the ego in check. The ankle, I'm not having much luck with. I hobbled about on it all day like I was getting my gangsta walk on. Quite attractive, I assure you. So here are shots of my lovely ankle. Pay no attention to the poor neglected nails which need old polish removed. The scuff on the right foot happened during the fall. The left is the sprained one, in case the golf-ball size didn't give it away. It's swollen on both sides, and I'm starting to get a nice bruise on the top. Needless to say, there's some serious rehab in my future.

All this rest will allow me some extra knitting and crafting time, I hope! Knitting posts in the near future, I promise.

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