Sunday, March 19, 2006

Going to Jamaica!

We packed Tallulah up this morning to be sent to Jamaica by way of Virginia. Liam drew a few pictures, and we made an envelope to send them in. I also took a couple pictures of the kids to print and put in the envelope along with a letter. I should have taken a picture of the letter so you all could read it. Very sweet. I wrote it so it was legible, but Liam put together the words. Pretty much says: Hi.. I'm Liam...this is Tallulah...hope you like her...We're from Ohio...We have three cats...their names are...p.s. I'm 5 years old.

Liam drew his house, his bicycle, his TV, and put a message on the picture about how he likes his bike and his tv. He signed his name on the letter, and we folded everything up and put it in the envelope with Liam's picture to be put in the box with Tallulah. She says she's not happy about being put in a dark box for a few days, but we assured her that it would be a short time.

She'll go out in the mail tomorrow, and we wish her the best on her journey!

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