Thursday, March 09, 2006

My fall from grace...or lack thereof

There's a reason my middle name isn't Grace. I haven't any. Couldn't buy it even. With such long arms and legs, one might think that I'd have made a great dancer, and perhaps I could have, if my feet weren't getting in the way. That and my lack of balance and coordination.

So tonight, I thought I'd take my grace out for a test run, and well...It got run over. As I got out of the car in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, I thought that perhaps I'd left my keys in the ignition (yet another fine trait I've inherited. CRS...), so I turned around with the intention of opening my car door to look for my keys, while at the same time I was looking in my purse for them. I was standing on the edge of the curb (unknowingly) and before I knew it, my feet were tangled up, and I went splat in the middle of the parking lot. I heard a big pop, and knew it meant I wasn't going to like how I felt when I stood up. A sweet lady was witness to the whole incident, and she hurried over, wondering if I was okay. I was completely embarassed, of course, so I tried to get up and out of the middle of the lane as quick as I could. The best I could manage was a hobble. She kept asking me if I was hurt, and I was still making the mental check we all make when we have a good spill. Yup. Sprained the ankle good. Oh, nice little patch of bark missing off the palm. Hmm...No holes in the clothes, that's good. I limped my way into the restaurant and tried my hardest not to cry, all the while trying to assure the lady that I was okay (which I wasn't). Jonah came and investigated as soon as I sat down, and when he found out I was hurt, he asked where. I showed him my hand. He took it and brought it to his head, giving it a hug, and then he kissed it. "That better mommy?" I couldn't help but smile. He tried to get under the table to kiss my ankle, but I assured him that a hug around the neck would be just as good.

When I got home and had an opportunity to take off my sock to assess the damage, I thought I'd better get some ice on it pretty quick, as it was swelling up nicely. It will likely be purple tomorrow. Good thing I know a good athletic trainer who can rehab it. Needless to say, my great streak of working out this week might be slowed a bit by this. I know running will be out for sure. Biking, however, might still be a go.

In other breaking news, I got my molecular test back, and the final grade is better than I thought. But seriously, on what planet is a 59 out of 100 a B? I'll take the B (but I won't be happy, since I know if I'd had a little more time that I'd have easily had an A, with much greater than the 80% that was the cutoff for an A), and at least I'll know what to expect for the next one. Class average by the way was Cs and Ds. The whole exam consisted of 3 questions worth 40, 30, and 50 points each, respectively. Obviously, he had to curve it more than a pitcher for the winning team at the World Series with two out in the 9th.

On other fronts, I managed to find a couple of minutes this week to work on a project for Liam's auction which is coming up.

This is going to be a blossom fairy:

As soon as I glue her bead hands onto the pipe cleaners, the ends protruding will be nipped off. She needs some hair and a head band. The photo shows them with unspun wool fleece as the hair, but I think I might find some mohair yarn to use instead.

The auction is only a few weeks away, so I need to get a bunch of these done. The plan is to make some for each season. Pink, spring green, and butter yellow for spring. Primary colors for summer. Maroon, brown, dark green for fall. White, baby blue, and cream for winter. Pics will be posted when they're done! where is that ACE bandage?

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