Monday, March 13, 2006

Yes, I do still knit!

I haven't posted much recently of my knitting. Mostly because there hasn't been much. I take my knitting to Kaplan and work on it while I learn. I don't have to do too much writing in there, so it works well. It's just hard to get very far on ribbing in this way. I think I get the most done on the days I have the full length test, as I have time where I'm waiting for the next section to start and have nothing else to do. I haven't been knitting at home at all because of fatigue or other things going on, so school is about the only place I get a row or two in these days.

With Liam's auction fast approaching and the blossom fairies not being very portable, I decided to pick up another project or two that I could put on the needles and take with me.

Yet another Booga Bag in Noro #ihavenoidea. I bought another 3 skeins in a different colorway to make second bag. I'm planning on finishing them similarly to the one I made for myself (which I have been carrying and using lovingly, I might add) for donation to the auction. This one is just over halfway done if you don't count the pockets. The color in the top picture is closest to the true color. This colorway is similar to the one I used for my bag, but it has more hot pink and less of the blue. I don't think the second skein I just started has the blue in it at all (disappointing, since I love the blue). The green in this colorway is also a deeper green. I can hardly wait to finish this one and do the next colorway. Pics when I get that one cast on. In addition to these, if I had time, I'd whip up another lace scarf like the one I did for my SIL, but wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which gets fuller faster.

I do have progress on the cardi to show. I've cast on both sleeves at the same time so they'll finish at the same time, and then I can get it seamed up since everything else is pretty well finished. I'm ready to be done with it, not because it's an unenjoyable project (actually, I love this pattern and have had fun doing it), but because I'd like hubby to get some use out of the sweater before Mother Nature makes up her mind what she wants to do. Anyway, I'm about up to the elbow on the length of the sleeves. I keep saying that hopefully I'll finish it this weekend, and that has yet to happen. But again, hopefully I'll finish it this weekend!

Also...on the ankle's still fairly swollen, but it seems to be getting a little better each day. I managed to put in 40 minutes on the bike this morning, and it felt pretty good. Lateral motion is still not happening, but my range of motion seems to be improving a little bit each day. It would help if I could find more time to ice. Oh well...

The front has gone through, and the winds have picked up (they're howling out there!). Sundae (cat) says this weather licks her fanny almost as much as she does. Bailey (dog) is agreeing with her 100%.

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