Thursday, March 23, 2006

Break dance

Happy, happy! Joy, joy! I survived! I am officially on Spring Break until April 2. Well, the 1st anyway, since I have a practice MCAT on the 1st. But a whole week! With nothing to do! Ok...maybe only a bazillion things, but hey, I won't have to get up at 6 am unless I want to. Or do any lab reports. Unless maybe I want to get a head start on the one that's due the Tuesday after break. Oh, and study for that test that's the Thursday back from break. Oh, or do the taxes that are due next month. Oh, and do the spring cleaning, it summer break yet?

This week was a bit on the rough side to say the least. Liam started coming down with a cold on Tuesday, and he missed school yesterday and today, and likely again tomorrow. I had an organic test on Monday that I'm not sure how I did on. I had a lab report due Tuesday that was hugely confusing, but luckily he pushed back the due date until today, and I managed to finish it in a somewhat coherent (moreso than this post!) manner. The lab we did on Tuesday didn't work (no one's did, so I can't feel too bad), and I forgot to measure the weight of my initial product, so the next lab report is gonna be a peach to write.

Some knitting did get done this week, and we had our first Stitch n Bitch on campus Wednesday. The gal that is helping run it is super cool, and I enjoy hanging out with her. Unfortunately, our enjoyment was cut short by a strange old man who decided to make our area near the fireplace his naptime spot. He must work at the university, but I can't figure out if he just shows up early and loiters or if he stays late and loiters or if he loiters on the job. Regardless, he was hanging out and obviously not doing any work. He curled up against the wall next to where we had been sitting before looking something up on the computers. That's not such a big deal. If he wants to try to sleep while we gals chat about yarn and gauge and patterns, then be my guest. It was when I noticed that he had decided to take his shoes off that I had to protest. Dude was wearing no socks. Not such a huge deal, except for the dead animal smell coming from his hoofers. Ugh. Had the nastiest feet I have ever seen (smelled) in my life. I came back to sit down from the computer and didn't notice the guy laying there. Sat down in my chair and thought, ooh...did I forget the deo this morning. Sniff, sniff. No, way to foul to be that...hmmm...people who sit on this chair must have really bad b.o. No...can't be that, since I didn't notice it when I sat down originally. Then I spied the source. What do you do? Do you wake the guy up to tell him how foul his feet smell and ask him to put his shoes on? Grin and bear it? Hope that other people who come to sit near don't think it's you? Which I did, by the way. A cute couple came and sat on the couch across from us, and I swear, I wish I'd had video to capture the expressions. I gave them the "It's not me" look you give when someone else toots. It could have been a gag on Candid Camera. The girl looked at Scary Guy sleeping against the wall...then realized it was he who made the stink. Priceless. Given the shortage of seating where we were, none of us moved to another spot. Sad. Fella finally woke up at one point and walked across the cafe to get a newspaper...shoeless...taking his trail of stink with him like PigPen's dust cloud follows him.

Anyway, back to knitting...I have one of the purses for the school auction mostly done and will cast on for the other as soon as I finish the next bear that I'm working on. Tallulah turned out so well that I couldn't wait to cast on for another. I wanted to do it in fuzzy yarn (Lion Brand fun fur), and I'm nearly finished with it. Just need to finish the first arm, cast on the second, sew and stuff, and add the facial features. Sounds like a lot more than it really is. So far, one bear is taking the better part of a skein of fun fur. If I like how this one turns out, I can do "Crayola" type bears (I'll have to find my crayola bear to show you) in red and blue. Fun, fun!

The bears are great because they are such a stash-buster. I'm trying to clear out my stash as much as I can before giving in to the urge to buy any more yarn. I have so many things I want to knit right now and just not enough time to do them all!! I need to prioritize and start making lists of things!

Tiger says this is his bear. Any bear that is as fuzzy as he is must belong to him.

A little closer look. This bear is going to be fluffy. And soft. Flocculent even.

And to close, I give you sunrise porn (since I don't have any yarn porn to show tonight, not that I didn't look at some earlier. Kidsilk haze....drool...). This picture was taken at 6 am as I left for the university Tuesday morning. That's right. 6 am. I had to work on my lab report before class, so I got up extra early so I could have time to work on it. Fifteen minutes after I took this picture, I left, and it had clouded over and gone gray. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I love how the coulds are hot pink against the purple blue of the morning sky.

Tomorrow's Friday! We have plans to meet one of my classmates for dinner for her birthday. Should be fun.

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