Monday, March 13, 2006

Mother Nature's a hussy...

Yup, she definitely is a tease. We're enjoying the last day of our springtime weather today. Temps are expected to get to the low 70s. Ahh...I even sent Liam off to school today with only a spring jacket and rainpants. Snow tomorrow and back into the 30s for the foreseeable future.

The kids had a blast this morning in the meadow at school. With all the rain we've had, there was a small creek forming at the farthest part of the meadow. Neither of the kids had their rain boots this morning (they were all at Grandma's), and they had their snow boots on instead. Great for keeping out the snow...not so great for keeping out shin deep water.

The creek flowed across the back of the meadow and down to a large drain near their bridge. The children had figured out that removing a small dam of debris that had built up made the creek flow faster, so they were working hard at keeping everything clear. Jonah was in heaven. I should have named him Guppy. He was doing his best to help with short stick in hand, and he did plenty of puddle jumping (and some just plain falling in the water). I had to take his rain pants and boots off of him before getting him in the car, as he was soaked. When I pulled his boots off, half the stream came out. Surprisingly, the only parts of him that were really wet were the bottoms of his sweats where the rain pants had bunched up and his socks and boots. The rest of his raingear was wet on the outside, but it did it's job of keeping him pretty dry. Yay!

We broke out the mops last night and did some work in the living room. Liam must have asked every 10 minutes all day if it was time to mop yet. The boys had way too much fun mopping and wringing out the water in the bucket. Well worth the money spent, and the floor looks much better for it! Now I just need to declutter all the office junk, and the front room will look so much better!

The looks on the boy's faces in the pictures crack me up. They were having such fun, but you can't tell it by their expressions in the pictures. The annoyed looks were actually about my telling them to stop long enough for me to snap a picture. "Mom...we're working..."

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Kat said...


The boys look so old! Give lots of love to them from "the other Liam" and company.