Thursday, November 30, 2006

The 411 I promised details and pictures from last night's surprise shower at my friend's apartment.

So...last school year I got to hanging out with a group of students from a couple of my classes who were part of the BS/MD program at one of the local colleges. They were all really fun to hang out with, and despite the 10 year age difference, they really let me feel like one of the girls. They also padded my ego by telling me I didn't look a day over 23. Nice. By the end of the school year, we were all prepping for the MCAT together and studying for finals. After the excitement of the year was over, most of them went on to the MD part of the program at medical school, and some of them stayed behind to complete another year of undergrad. I, of course, being pregnant, decided that spending thousands of dollars on classes that I didn't need to get into medical school all the while being heavy pregnant was a bad idea, so we sort of started to lose touch with each other as I wasn't on campus anymore.

When I started teaching for the test prep place I ended up back on campus a couple of nights a week, so we called each other and got together a few times for dessert. There were 3 girls that I hung out with pretty consistently, and this past week, we were going to try to get all of us together after I finished up class. So, to K's apartment we go...and it turned out to be a surprise baby shower. I had no clue that they were planning this, and even upon entering the apartment, I still had no idea what was going on. "Nice decorations...Who had a party?" I say. "It's your baby shower, silly," I was told. Light bulb finally goes on. Awww.....

G. (who is the epitome of what my MIL would love her granddaughter to look like, all curly red- haired and beautiful), me, K., and J. clockwise from left) -- my girls

It was just the four of us hanging out, chatting, gorging on the great snacks that K provided (even better than sex doesn't get much better than that!), and the girls each had picked up some cute things for the new baby, so there were gifts to open.

Flannel and fleece blankies and cute baby clothes for the baby

When we were all in class together last semester, we had a great time. There was always fun and silliness, and everyone in the group had a great sense of humor. Last night was no exception, and by the end we were hamming it up with the camera and laughing hysterically.

G. pretends to be catching while K. gives her best "what do we do now," and I show what happens on TV when women are in labor.

I had a great time and left feeling full and very flattered. I miss having the gals to hang out with, and I realize the longer I'm away from campus that I really need to make an effort to hang out with girl friends and do things.

In other news, my two have been battling one virus or another (more like passing it back and forth) since the weather started to turn in October, and now we have a case of pink eye resulting from being seriously nasally congested. Poor Jonah woke this morning looking like he'd gone on a binge and hadn't slept in a week. His poor little eyes were all swollen and bloodshot. So today was spent in the doc's office getting drops for them, as I know how contagious pink eye can be, and I'd rather contain that little bug if I can.

Don't I look sad? Surely this deserves a Frosty...or chocolate? Oh, wait...I've already had some. More, please?

Also, tomorrow marks December 1 and the end of NaBloPoMo, and I actually only missed a couple of days over this month. Not too bad for me, I'd say...and I'd like to try to keep up the consistent posting if I can...We'll see how long it lasts!

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Andi said...

What a nice surprise baby shower! I hope Jonah is feeling much better.