Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Counting down...two days to turkey!

The boys are eagerly awaiting the Thanksgiving feast. Stuffing is on everyone's brain (apparently, I make some decent sausage stuffing, thanks to helping Mom make it yearly), and turkey seems to work its way into many a conversation. Nearly equal to that in the boys' minds is the prospect of Mario Cart, though. While I'm looking forward to giving thanks for all our blessings, today, I was thinking chillier thoughts with the upcoming holiday season.

Monday is the Advent Circle at Liam's school, which means that they will be changing over their nature tables to the Advent season. Liam will be participating in the lighting of the candle in the circle this year, and I wanted our nature table to reflect what is going on at school. So this year, I'm thinking we may actually follow the Advent season by doing some crafty type things. I know, big surprise, right? It's important to me, though, that if we're going to celebrate Christmas, I want the children to understand the season's true meaning. And it's not the Almighty Dollar and Santa.

So as I get the crafts put together for the table, I'll post pictures so everyone can see what we've been up to. The blue silk has been purchased, as have a few other things for Advent decorations. There will likely be some dollmaking...because, as we all know, that seems to be my obsession lately.

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