Sunday, November 26, 2006

How late can you call it Indian Summer?

Yeah, I really got nothing done today...and I don't have much to post about. Why? Because I'm totally disoriented by the weather. Today was near 70...yes, 70 degrees...near CLEVELAND. OHIO. IN. NOVEMBER. Part of me wants to say how wrong that is. But then I'd have to smack myself for saying it because it's been soooooo enjoyable. I opened the windows today and aired the house out while we put the decorations on the tree (such a juxtaposition!!). Earlier this evening, the boys went out and played, and I was out chatting with the neighbors in shorts and flip-flops. We grilled fresh salmon OUTSIDE for dinner and didn't freeze. Only a few more days of this until the bottom falls out, though. By midweek, the temps are gonna drop, and then that S word has been mentioned by our fair weather forecasters. Maybe lots of it. Blech. One of these days I'm gonna get wise and be like a migratory bird. Or a butterfly. Monarchs migrate to Mexico for the winter. Yeah...I could do that. Margaritas...sun...guacamole. I'm so there.

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